New Mexico Nursing Programs Find Solidarity

It seems there may be as many different nursing programs as there are candidates to become a nurse. In New Mexico, however, the different programs offered may have been an obstacle for students attempting to become nurses, especially if those students had to change schools. Albuquerque Business First reports that instead of creating obstacles for students, the state has agreed to assist those pursuing a nursing career by creating a common curriculum throughout its schools. In addition, those who cannot attend any of the larger colleges or universities may still have the chance to earn a degree in nursing at local community colleges. Read more here: Nursing schools agree to common curriculum

Nurse Practitioners and Primary Care

Nurse practitioners are some of the most educated medical professionals around, yet, many do not have the ability to practice without a doctor's supervision, especially when it comes to primary care concerns. The Lund Report reports that a recent study is giving more interest to the idea that nurse practitioners and physician's assistants could be the solution to the forecasted shortage of doctors. These healthcare professionals are trained primary care medicine, as well as some specializations, and could easily begin to replace doctors for basic medical concerns. Read more here: Could Alternate Primary Health Care Centers Mitigate the Anticipated Physician Shortage?

Career Options Growing in Medicine

As the economy rebounds and the future of healthcare continues to develop through new technologies and the needs of the population, jobs in medical fields are starting to see stronger growth again. Chron reports that this diversity of healthcare career options has a place for any and all interests, whether directly assisting patients as a nurse to assisting physicians or streamlining medical records and administrative concerns. As more jobs begin to open up, online schools and programs, as well as local colleges and universities are able to offer better educational opportunities as well. Read more here: Those eyeing health care field have range of options

Nursing as a Second Career

More and more people are taking advantage of the benefits of becoming a nurse, especially those who have already had a career in another field, and finding their own passion in this challenging field. According to Quincy Herald-Wing, after losing his job at age 50, a local man quickly made what has turned out to be a beneficial decision to enter into nursing. Through the nursing program at an area school, Tony Blackford was able to complete his education and secure a position as an RN in a nearby hospital and still has plans to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Read more here: Midlife career change works out well for Quincy man

Impacting Children's Health at School

Band-aids and ice packs may be the first images when thinking of a school nurse, but, these medical professionals are working hard today to ensure the safety and wellness of children in our schools. USA Today recently reported on the changing career of a school nurse, one that faces its own shortage, as well as a need for more complex medical care for students with much more prevalent health problems. With less school nurses, and higher responsibilities based on the needs of the school district and community, school nurses may enjoy a steadier schedule, but, still face many challenges. Read more here: School nurses' duties expand with changing times

Alaska's SART Nursing Shortage

A sexual assault response nurse is a specialized medical professional who must care for the emotional and mental state of a person who has been raped, while helping to discover and process any physical evidence. Alaska Dispatch reports that in Anchorage, SART nurses are in limited supply, leaving the city little choice but to close down its sexual assault services overnight - citing limited resources for performing the examinations. With solutions in the works, the program must adhere to the new time regulations, but, will continue to find another way for victims of rape and sexual assault to help catch these criminals. Read more here:

Man "Up" to Nursing Career

Nursing careers are as diverse as the various specialties available within medicine. Nurses, themselves, are also a diverse crew, but, there is one minority in nursing that is becoming increasingly visible in hospitals, clinics and medical facilities across the country - men. reports that the number of men in nursing has increased over the past few decades to almost 10 percent of the nursing workforce, citing reasons such as nursing is a stable career choice, a wide range of opportunities are available, and the overall stigma of a man as a nurse is all but a memory today. Read more here:  'Clarence Nightingale': More men finding careers in nursing

Nursing Careers are "Bullet Proof" and More

Whether a person is dissatisfied with his or her current career, or, embarking on the road after graduation, nursing remains one of the best career choices available. According to a recent blog on The Florida Times-Union, nursing has the ability to be challenging and diverse, while surviving economic crises, such as the recent U.S. recession. Because of this, nursing remains a top career that continues to require more women and men to fill positions that are not only well-educated nurses, but, are also able to navigate through the various technology that nursing now requires. Read more here: Work Wanted: There is a career move with good prospects and stability

Nurses Needed in Ontario

Conflicting headlines about the shortage (or abundance) of registered nurses in Canada may be confusing, but, recent data shows that the different provinces in the country are experiencing a different climate when it comes to nursing. The Varsity reports that the number of registered nurses per 100,000 people in British Columbia and Ontario have seen the biggest drop between 2008 - 2012, while other areas like Alberta, Quebec and Prince Edward Island have seen a growth in the number of registered nurses. Read more here: Ontario faces potential nurse shortage