Nurses Going Back to School

Medicine is a field that is always growing and advancing. With constant advancements in technology, nurses are continuing to learn more both on the job and in the classroom. Recent studies show that more nurses are going back to school to pursue higher levels of education. reports that the benefits of this include career advancement opportunities, gaining practical knowledge, and being better able to help patients. For nurse Marie Gay, helping the patients is what it’s all about. Read more about Gay’s decision to go back to school here: Pediatric nurse takes learning seriously

Retiring Nurses Create Growth in Industry

In today’s economy the creation of jobs is everything. Nursing is currently ranked as the number four employer of Americans. The estimated rate of growth for nursing in America is 26%. That’s over 12% higher than the national average; a statistic which is still on the rise. A large part of this job creation is due to retiring nurses creating available positions. An interesting infographic by Brown Mackie goes on to illustrate the opportunities created by retiring nurses in the field. Read more here: Infographic:Nursing Careers on the Rise (still!)

Nursing Resume Tips and Tweaks

Finding a job in nursing is a process that requires determination, experience, networking and a great resume. With applicants competing for nursing positions across the country, understanding how to write a good resume is of the utmost importance. The Houston Chronicle recently explained the nuances between job objectives and career objectives on a nursing resume, citing that while each is a good tactic on a resume, both must be examined closely and tailored specifically to the job or career the prospective employee is seeking. Read more here: DifferencesBetween Job Objectives & Career Objectives on a Nursing Resume

Nurses Bring Patient Care Home

It seems that the former days of medical house calls are nearly over, but for some nurses, the ability to visit patients in their homes is a top priority. With the aging Baby Boomer population needing more medical care, and even concierge medical practices taking the lead, many nurse practitioners are taking the lead and performing medical care in patients’ homes. The Windsor Star reports that these nurses are providing care to people who cannot, or who sometimes will not, visit a doctor or nurse practitioner at an office or in a hospital. Read more here: Housecalls are making a comeback

Top Places for APRN Jobs

The scope of work for a nurse practitioner can vary, based on skills, experience and the area in which these advanced practice nurses are working. With more states allowing nurse practitioners to practice without the supervision of a physician, the job opportunities are increasing. According to, a recent study ranked the best places for a nurse to find a job in the United States. These areas include four cities in California, while ranking Chattanooga, TN, as the best location. Read more here: Study:Vallejo area nation's 20th best for nurse practitioners

School Nursing Shortage Causes Concern

When children are in school, the school nurse can provide care that ranges from band-aids to the administration of prescription medication and more. However, these nurses seem to be slowly fading from the school landscape due to budget cuts and economic concerns. reports that while a local school is able to pay for a full-time school nurse, the wages offered are significantly less than those that can be earned at a hospital, causing more nurses to leave the schools for more lucrative positions in medical facilities. Read more here: Schoolnursing shortage a widespread issue

Community Advice for the Nursing Job Search

Finding a job is a tough challenge for many nursing school graduates. While there is a shortage of open nursing positions in many areas, the competition for those positions can be fierce. recently compiled a list of nursing job search tips from its Facebook fans in order to help inspire and encourage those currently seeking a position in nursing. This advice ranges from tips on interviewing to networking and even techniques for applying for nursing positions. Read more here: The top 10job search tips for nurses

Advance Practice Nurses Jobs Still Plenty

Despite contradicting information on the nursing shortage versus a shortage of open nursing positions, four states are still experiencing a shortage of nurse practitioners. According to, an abundance of positions for APRNs are still open and available in California, New York, Florida and Ohio. Citing issues within these states that relate to a lack of nursing instructors, the ability to fill these positions with nursing school graduates from these states is slow and incentives and programs are being implemented or considered in order to attract more nurse practitioners. Read more here: 4States With an Excess of Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Cultural Competence in Nursing Practice

One of the greatest challenges in healthcare today is to provide culturally competent care in nursing practice. Nurses spend more time in direct patient care than other groups of health professionals (OMH, 2013). Increasingly diverse racial, ethnic, and sociocultural backgrounds of patients present challenges to providing care. Cultural and language differences may cause misunderstanding, a lack of compliance, or other factors that negatively influence patient health outcomes. As demographics continue to change, nurses will be expected to deliver care that encompasses such differences.

The perception of illness and disease varies by culture. Culture also influences how people seek healthcare and how they behave toward providers. To provide the highest quality of care and ensure successful patient outcomes, nurses must embrace diversity and have cultural awareness. Diversity refers to patients of different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, beliefs, competencies and orientations. Cultural competence is a set of behaviors, attitudes, and skills that enables nurses to work effectively in cross-cultural situations (OMH, 2013). This means obtaining accurate cultural information and then communicating that knowledge to the patient.

Number Men in Nursing Continues to Climb

Men have always held a prominent role in the medical world, but as nurses, they may seem like an anomaly. The Commercial Appeal reveals that the gender divide that exists in the medical community is shrinking, due to a rise in the number of men entering into nursing in Tennessee as well as across the country. While nursing has been thought of as a career only for women, historically, it is only a relatively modern concept to divide men and women into doctors and nurses, only. Read more here: Numberof male nurses in Tennessee, nation on rise

Nursing Continues to Rise in Career Choice Popularity

With factors such as the nursing shortage and the changes in healthcare policy in the U.S. nursing has never been a more secure career path than it is now. reports that in Illinois, nursing schools are seeing more students change current academic goals to nursing programs, return to finish nursing degrees or obtain higher nursing credentials. These students are taking advantage of new programs in nursing that can take into account prior college credits earned or those that focus on general studies before nursing curriculum. Read more here: Nursingprograms becoming popular with job seekers

Course Curriculum for Associate Degree Programs

Earning an Associates Degree in Healthcare is more than labs and biology classes. Depending on the area of specialty you select, your curriculum will include a well rounded selection of classes that will prepare you for the non-scientific areas of this career including management, documentation and computer skills. In this article entitled What to Expect from an Associate in Healthcare Degree Program, we breakdown the basic coursework outline for four of the more popular Associate degree specialties; Medical Administration, Health Information Technology, Dental Hygiene and Associate in Nursing.

Nursing Considered a Top Job for Security, Ease of Online Education

A career in nursing promises many positive benefits, as well as a challenging educational path in order to achieve those career goals. According to Daily News, nursing was recently added to a prominent list of careers that can be obtained through online degrees. This method of education is gaining in popularity as more schools are offering online nursing school programs, as well as a diverse range of degree choices.  Nursing was also considered one of the best career choices for job security, based on the changes in the healthcare system and the need for more nurses to provide care. Read more here: U.S.News: Five great jobs you can get with an online degree

Can Diversity Change Healthcare

With changes to healthcare policy in the U.S. and the shortage of nurses across the country, understanding the impact of a diverse nursing workforce may be a top priority in the field today. recently published an analysis of the ethnic diversity, or lack thereof, within nursing. This study shows that, among other points, many times the lack of diversity can lead to poorer medical care for minorities and that nursing schools should be more diligent in promoting a diverse educational environment. Read more here: Reflections on diversity

Associate Degrees in Healthcare = Lucrative Careers

Interested in a lucrative healthcare career without investing an enormous amount of time and financial resources into education? Our list of careers offers six career paths for those with an Associate Degree leading to very healthy salaries and fulfilling jobs. By knowing your options before you begin coursework, you can choose a specialty and work with campus advisors to arrange internships or labs that you can complete in tandem with your classes. This extra effort will make your resume stand out from the rest at graduation.

Find out what careers interest you here: Career Options with a Healthcare Associate Degree

West Virginia Nursing Schools Lose Accreditation

A nurse’s ability to provide medical care is based upon the educational foundation he or she has received in nursing school. While a majority of nursing schools in the U.S. are accredited by two major agencies, many other schools may not obtain, or can lose this accreditation based upon standardized criteria. reports that two nursing schools in West Virginia have recently lost this accreditation based upon a few administrative errors in the programs. By losing this accreditation, students attending nursing school may find the job search process more difficult. Read more here: Nursing shortage: Will closedschools make it worse?

Job Satisfaction for Nurses Dulled by Wages

Nursing is a field that promises a fulfilling career path, in both financial security and the satisfaction of helping others. The personal satisfaction of nursing, however, does rely considerably on the expectation of being paid what one is worth. FierceHealthcare reports that a recent survey of Public Health Nurses shows that while these medical professionals are satisfied with their jobs, the low wages and lack of advancement opportunities can take away from the happy feeling of a job well done. Read more here: Survey:Public health nurses like their jobs, not their salaries

Texas Oversight of Nurse Practitioners is Changing

In Texas, Nurse Practitioners play a vital role in caring for patients in a state where the doctor to patient ratio is lower than the national average. Practitioners are trained to handle minor illness and injury with doctor oversight. They also specialize in proactive and chronic care and refer more serious cases to a doctor. As Texas faces a growing population of citizens in need of healthcare, the state government is modifying the doctor oversight parameters for Nurse Practitioners that would allow them to treat more patients in locations physically separate from the overseeing doctor.

UTHealth's School of Nursing is also stepping up to react to the nursing shortage by adding more seats to their Nurse Practitioner program. Read more about this topic and aguments from both sides regarding safe oversight requirements for Texas patients: Nurse practitioners help fill critical shortage of health care professionals

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Vitals on Nursing in Florida

The diversity of Florida's population provides opportunities for a nurses from a variety of backgrounds. Bilingual nurses are in high demand nationally but especially in Florida where a significant percentage of the population does not speak English. Also above average nationally is the population of elderly citizens, increasing the demand for geriatric nurse specialists and home health care workers. Florida's esteemed medical institutions and training facilities welcome the diversity of their state and at Florida State University in particular, students from varied backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
Learn more about nursing scholarships in Florida, the best places to work and Florida Nursing Associations.

Innovative Program in NJ Filling Nurse Educator Void

New Jersey's nurse shortage is at a reported 17%, but this new initiative is helping to fill the void. A new scholarship program sweetened with a loan forgiveness option is enticing qualified nurses to earn advanced degrees and pursue career paths in teaching even though they typically pay less than specialized nursing careers. The program is supported through an innovative partnership between Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation in an effort to meet the demand of new nursing school applicants by facilitating the availability of nurse educators.
Read more here: Editorial: N.J. Nursing Initiative addresses shortage of nurses, faculty for nursing programs