Smart Nursing Philosophies

The medical field is a demanding place to work and maybe no one knows this better than nurses. While a career in nursing is often extremely fulfilling, it can also be taxing. What can separate a good nurse from the rest of the pack are smart nursing philosophies. These philosophies help a nurse maintain a sense of dignity and worth both on and off the job. Here are some ideas to help you create your own smart nursing philosophy.

Foreign Nurses and the Nursing Shortage

The United States is facing a major shortage of registered nurses. The problem is partially rooted in a shortage of nursing instructors, which means that colleges are limited in the number of nursing students they are able to train. In spite of this situation, it is important to increase the number of nurses so as to prevent avoidable patient deaths. The United States has some of the best-trained nurses in the world, so what can we do to provide our citizens with the best nursing care while we overcome this crisis? Some say the answer lies in foreign nurses.