The Challenge of Geriatric Nursing

Any career in nursing is a career to be proud of; however a career in the field of geriatric nursing sets many a nurse apart from the rest of the field. It may be true that a nurse is a nurse, is a nurse. The basic training is the same; the basic education is the same. However, if you specialize in the field of geriatrics, your perspective must change. While the overall care is similar, the patient is much different.

A nurse who has specialized in geriatric care needs to have an inner compassion to deal with the issues which plague our older citizens. Aging is not always a pleasant experience; the symptoms can be overwhelming and in some situations can be very embarrassing for the senior citizen. A geriatric nurse needs to be aware of how the aging process affects the patient not only physically, but also mentally. As humans age, the ability to understand what is happening deteriorates. The ability to comprehend and process vast and ever-increasing amounts of information becomes compromised. Explanations sometimes need to be repeated and paraphrased several times. These explanations are not just for the patient, but for the family of the patient.

A nurse who is specializing in geriatric care needs to be aware of the psychosocial issues, the financial considerations, the legal issues, and the ethical issues which apply to an aging patient. The circumstances will obviously vary from patient to patient, just as it does with any other age group. Some aging patients may not be aware of their surroundings, yet others will understand everything and just require physical assistance. Some patients may require short term care (for example, after a broken hip or a bout with pneumonia) while others will require long term care. This particular aspect of your career is typical in geriatric medical issues.

No matter what your reason for entering the field of geriatric nursing, you will need extra doses of compassion, patience, and understanding. However, this field can be extremely rewarding. You can go home at the end of your shift knowing you helped someone who was unable to care for themselves. You will know you made a difference in someone’s life and quality of life each and every day. This field is not right for everyone, but if it is right for you, you should take the path to make this dream a reality. Follow your dream, and reap the rewards of what is a growing field of medical care.

The Duties of a Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses play an essential role in the healthcare of children from birth to late teens. Pediatric nurses are responsible for performing a wide range of care and procedures that assist in the treatment of a child’s health. They are familiar with examining both a child’s physical body as well as the mental body and are able to treat or arrange treatment according to the child’s particular needs. Pediatric nurses have a strong understanding of illness, disease prevention and strive to promote a life full of health for children.

A pediatric nursing degree is a highly respected sought after career which requires proper schooling and state licensing. Many nursing schools require at least an associate’s degree to obtain a pediatric nursing degree. Many pediatric nurses choose to further their education with a bachelor’s degree or decide to pursue a master’s degree in nursing. There is an extensive growth potential available to pediatric nurses who achieve more education and gain more experience. Opportunities such as managerial positions to more specialist positions are achievable with the fulfilled industry requirements.

A pediatric nurse has compassion for children and in many instances needs a great deal of patience for the most uncooperative of patients. On a daily basis, pediatric nurses will see and treat for infections of all kinds, development issues, minor issues and major issues. A pediatric nurse needs to be able to treat the smallest of scrapes to the worst of injuries all while holding their composure and maintaining an incredible amount of compassion and trust.

There are many types of pediatric nursing options available. A pediatric nursing degree will prepare a nurse to further their roles as a staff nurse, nurse manager, case managers, advanced practitioner and many other respectable roles that are required by the healthcare field. Some pediatric nurses choose to help their patients outside of a clinical or hospital setting by working in the school systems, working as camp nurses and many pediatric nurses even travel from house to house treating their patients in a less traditional route. There are many viable possibilities open to pediatric nurses who have obtained the education and experience required for each type of position.

Now is a great time to become a pediatric nurse. The healthcare industry has reported a lack of nurses in many states; with healthcare becoming more readily available it will be a career that will last. A pediatric nursing career will touch the lives of children and their families and may possibly save the life a child.

Guide to Online Schools for Nursing

For the past year, online colleges for nursing have seen the largest student growth increase in regions like the UK, Italy, Canada and the United States. In the UK for example, there has been a significant increase in online student enrollment from this same time last year in 2011. One of the reasons for this increase is due to more individuals wanting to switch to totally new careers.

In earlier times, most people started their nursing training in their early twenties or right out of high school. Today however, a large number of nursing students are men and women over the age of forty, who are in desperate need of a total career change. In some cases, these career changes were due to a lay off, and in other instances it was simply a personal career choice. Some of the most popular online nursing courses today are forensic nursing, legal nursing consulting, licensed practical nursing, home health nursing care, registering nursing, geriatric nursing and health administration.

In terms of job opportunities, many nursing graduates today are opting to work in more non-traditional environments such as home health care businesses, medical research laboratories, and medical related governmental agencies. The salary range for these types of jobs ranges from forty two to fifty seven thousand dollars a year. In addition to these jobs, there are also many graduates today who have found employment working in the risk management department of large insurance companies and business corporations. In terms of salaries, those working for private entities like business corporations and insurance companies generally earn higher salaries then those who work in research facilities and hospitals. Although salaries can vary based on years of experience and professional certification, most earn between fifty five to eighty five thousand dollars per year. This salary also includes paid healthcare benefits and profit sharing.

Some of the course topics featured in many of today's online nursing programs include identifying acute illnesses, disease prevention, home healthcare procedures, how to care for terminally ill patients, introductory courses on the latest medical technology, how to operate medical equipment, and also how to safely administer patient vaccines and medications.

Based on a survey conducted in 2011, the most popular online colleges for nursing were Keiser University, Harrison College, University of Phoenix, Grand Canyon University, Walden University, Kaplan University Online and the Stratford Career Institute. In addition, most of these schools also offer a wide variety of student loan and tuition grant programs.

Accelerated ADN Programs - What is in the Syllabus?

The number of people enrolling in accelerated ADN programs has been gradually increasing by a yearly amount of twenty five percent since 2010. The primary reason for this increase is due to the number of people seeking to advance their career, and also due to the current nursing shortage.

For about five years now, this country has had a very serious nursing shortage problem. This problem has negatively impacted hospitals, private practice offices, and overall patient care. In order to combat this problem, many hospitals today are offering select employees tuition nursing grants so they can enroll in an accelerated program. In order to qualify and be considered for this opportunity, an employee must already have earned a bachelors degree and also have a minimum 3.0 grade point average. In most cases, students can complete the program within twelve to eighteen months. So far, the program has worked very well for many hospitals and private physicians, and it has also significantly helped to reduce the current nursing shortage problem.

The syllabus outline for a standard accelerated program, generally consist of topics such as informational updates on the latest medical treatment, an outline of the latest medical networks and terminology, nursing research techniques, medical statistics, community health updates, prevention guidelines regarding patient disease and contamination, and also courses on job transition and nursing leadership.

In regards to program availability, there are currently over one hundred and fifty accelerated programs being offered by numerous colleges and universities across the country. Some of those offering accelerated ADN programs include Kaplan University, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Herzing University, University of St. Mary's, Independence University Online, St. Joseph's College of Maine, University of Phoenix, The College Network, and Walden University.

Participating in an accelerated ADN program can also provide career advance opportunities for vocational nurses and licensed practical nursing professionals. After successfully completing the program, they will be eligible to apply for a registered nurse position. This promotion will come with a lot of additional responsibilities and also a very generous salary increase. As of January 2012, the average salary for a registered nurse was between thirty five thousand to ninety five thousand dollars per year. Registered nurses who are on the high end of the salary range, are generally those who have three to five years of experience and also a higher level of education.

The employment outlook for registered nurses is expected to be very positive for the next five years.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education

Getting a nursing degree online can be a great idea for many people, and for others it may not be the preferred method of learning. Nursing is known to be a wonderful profession for anyone who really loves dealing with people and helping them to get better. Another great thing about nursing is that it is such a varied profession. There are nurses in every room in the hospital; whether it be in the emergency room, or in the ICU. In every clinic and in every nursing home there are also many nurses working hard.

Nursing is also a great career choice because its pay is very competitive, depending on the degree of education that a person receives. If you get your masters in nursing it is possible to make almost as much money as a doctor. Since nursing is such an enjoyable career that also pays very well, it is worth the time and effort looking into nursing degrees. There are many different ways that a person can get a degree in nursing. A degree in nursing online is one of the options, and for many people it may be a liberating option.

Going to college can be very time consuming, and many people that are going to college for nursing are very busy and they would rather be able to learn from the comforts of their home. The other advantage of online courses is that they are very often a lot cheaper than the courses that are taken directly at the college. Many people prefer online learning because a person can do it at their own pace, whenever their schedule allows. In that way a person does not really have to worry about getting to class on time, because the class comes to them.

Other people find that actually attending class is a lot more advantageous to them, because they can not only directly interact with the professor, but they also have the advantage of being able to be in the class room with other students that are learning just like them. Many people need to be able to sit in a class room setting to really learn, and they may feel like going to class online is just too impersonal.

The great thing about college is that nowadays it is really possible for anyone to get their degree - all that a person really has to do is choose the method that is best for them.

Get into Nursing – Diploma, Degree, or Accelerated Program?

Based on information from the U.S. Department Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for registered nurses is expected to increase. The rate that is expected is higher than the national average. While these groups of professionals are already the largest group of health care employees, the demand for this position is growing due to several reasons, not least an increasingly aging population.

To become a registered nurse today, the individual must pass a national licensing exam. However, there are many different kinds of routes into a nursing career. New routes into a nursing career are also opening up because of the expected increase in demand.

Due to changing needs, some hospital nursing programs are offering and awarding a diploma in nursing. However, the requirements for admission into these programs will often vary greatly and they are based on the institution. It takes approximately three years for most students to complete the courses contained in it. Once completed, however, the student may obtain an associate’s degree in nursing if the hospital is affiliated with community colleges in the area. By using this route, many RNs enter the field. However, advancement opportunities are often limited.

Another route into a nursing position is obtaining an Associate degree. Local community colleges offer programs to students who meet specific requirements. Some of the basic requirements include possessing a high school diploma or GED along with basic high school level English algebra, and biology courses. Students may take approximately two to three years to complete all of the requirements before obtaining the degree. Admission requirements are often very competitive because of the low costs of the programs, specifically when it is compared to bachelor's degree programs.

As stated above, additional routes are opening. One of the most recent routes is the accelerated degree. Accelerated programs are designed to allow students with non-nursing bachelor's degrees to enter the nursing field. The credits that they have earned can apply toward a nursing degree. Therefore, if they want to earn an accelerated bachelor of science degree in nursing these programs will allow the students to attend a fast-paced, rigorous full-time program that ranges from 12 to 16 months. Once the person completes this nursing program, they will have all of the opportunities of other RNs including career as well as educational advancements.

Choosing one’s route into nursing may not be easy, but now there are so many options getting into the field has certainly become less of a challenge.

Nursing in the Military or Private Sector

Earning a bachelors degree in nursing can open the door to a lot of job options and career opportunities. In the past, most nursing degree graduates sought out jobs at public county hospitals and private medical facilities. In more recent years however, the field of nursing has expanded into other areas such as the military and the private business sector.

In today's competitive job market, having a degree in fields like nursing can help increase the chance of getting a job. It is for this reason that so many unemployed people today are enrolling in local nursing schools and online colleges. Some of the bachelor degree nursing courses currently being offered include registered nursing, vocational nursing and nursing administration.

Depending upon the course selected, the programs can range from twenty four to thirty six months. Some of the core topics and subjects taught in these courses include, understanding the relationship between a specific disease and its symptoms, techniques for diagnosing symptoms, understanding how some diseases can mimic each other, effective ways to gather patient medical histories and related data, and also courses that outline and highlight the legal aspects of being a professional nurse. Because nurses frequently deal with so many complex medical and patient situations, it is very important that they perform their job within the law and also understand all the needed qualifications and requirements to receive their certification.

In terms of job opportunities, many can be found in various branches of the military. These include nursing positions that involve treating injured military personnel who are currently serving in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Although these positions often require a lot of travel, they also provide great military benefits and also an opportunity to see many parts of the world. In terms of nursing related opportunities in the private business sector, some of these are with insurance companies, risk management firms, and also corporate medical training companies. Some of the work involved consists of overseeing medical claim decisions, risk management assessment, and also establishing medical office procedures.

From a financial standpoint, this is a great time to enroll in an online bachelor degree nursing program. This is because there are currently hundreds of educational grants still available from the government stimulus package. In some cases these grants pay one hundred percent of online tuition cost. In 2011, some of the leading nursing program schools were Agrosy University, The College Network, and South University of Nursing.

Should I Pursue a Nursing Degree Online?

One of the main reasons people do not attend school and receive a further education is that they either cannot afford to, or they simply do not have the time. This has all changed in recent years. Now with the ability to go online and learn things, there are online schools for everything, including online college for nursing.

Nursing is one of the top ten professions which still have a lot of job openings. However in order to become a nurse one needs to attend school. Who has the time for school when you need to work and carry on your own personal errands even after work? With an online schooling this can all be different.

The ability to work at your own pace and study when you can and even do the course work within your own time, as well as being able to meet the deadline on your own terms can be the most rewarding educational process to date. It is a psychological fact that when someone is able to move at their own speed in school and soak in the information on their own time they can learn a great deal more than the standard college-goer. This is one of the benefits of online colleges for nursing.

Nursing is one of the few professions which one can always expand upon. They can return to school and earn more degrees to further their education. With further education and training in nursing doors can open for job advancement. This is the beauty of online colleges for nursing - you can better yourself without the fear or worry of where will you have the time.

Not only do you not have to worry about time but money is also less of a concern. Online schools and colleges cost a fraction of the money it takes to attend an offline university. Imagine school now being affordable financially as well as being able to fit your own schedule.

Are online degrees as respected as standard college degrees? Well, one must say there is still a stigma around them, but this is rapidly fading. In a profession where much of the job openings are in government-run facilities, having an online degree carries little disadvantage. The percentage of people who now get their degrees from online schooling has skyrocketed; to the point that it is more than just a viable option – it is the best option.

What are the Requirements for Nursing Degree Applicants?

A career in nursing can be a very rewarding and lucrative career. There is a reasonable amount of money in nursing, and nursing is a profession which is in need of people to fill positions. In any job market, job openings are one of the most important factors. This can mean job security and no matter what anyone argues, job security is always a very important thing. However like with anything else, nursing requires some prerequisites. The requirements for nursing degree applicants are luckily very simple.

As a provider of basic health care for all manner of patients, nurses are required to have an education of four to five years, and within all fifty of the United States a license is required. Someone who is hoping to become a nurse needs to either have a high school diploma or a GED - a General Education Development certificate. Even though it is not a requirement, some students who hope to move into nursing after high school may want to take courses in chemistry and biology to prepare for college.

Nursing has a lot of different levels of education; more so than other careers. The first part of nursing is the Associate Degree. This is the baseline achievement of a general nursing education. From here, the ADN can move on to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. A BSN is a more common nursing practitioner. A registered nurse who has achieved and earned her Bachelor’s can move on to earn their Master’s degree. This usually takes one to two years of education.

Herein lies the problem with becoming a nurse. Who has the time for all this schooling? This is why an online degree has become sought after today. In half the time it takes to achieve an Associate’s Degree in nursing you can earn it in a year online.

All the requirements for nursing degree applicants still apply online but online schooling offers you the chance to avoid unnecessary problems you may face offline, as well as allow you to take your classes on your own time. People can do the coursework on their own time and at their leisure. It has been proven that students who are afforded the luxury to move at their own pace can learn more and excel faster in shorter periods of time. Moving your way into a secure and respected field has never been more easy.

LPN Degree Programs

Licensed Practical Nursing Program, also known as Licensed Vocational Nursing Program is a great way for you to start earning in a very short period of 12 to 15 months. After completing the course, you would be required to perform similar duties as performed by a Registered Nurse. However, because of the lesser time devoted to educational program, the remuneration is slightly on the lower side in comparison.

How do I become a LPN?
In order to start working as a LPN, first you need to complete the LPN/ LVN program. This can be done in as less as 12 to 15 months. Then you would need to pass the national licensing exam, which is administered by the state.

What does the Future hold?
Since you can start earning in as less as 12 months, the program offers a chance to become self reliant in a short span of time. In case you are interested in studying further, you can always take up an online RN or BSN course while performing your duties during the working hours.

LPN Program Course Structure
Some of the course content includes medical terminology, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, foundations of nursing care, adult health nursing and pharmacology among others.

Job Responsibilities

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, you would be required to perform a number of duties including:
• Collecting health information of the patient
• Keep a close eye on the vital signs
• Preparing injections
• Delivering injections
• Taking care of personal hygiene of the patients
• Collection of samples
• Interacting with patients and family members in relation to healthy living and habits
• Supervising nursing assistants

You can find a job at a number of different health care facilities including hospitals, nursing care service, physician office and home health care agencies to name a few.

The Earnings
Based on a number of different factors, the salary might vary a lot. However, the median salary is of the order of $40,380.

Should I opt for RN or LPN?
This is one of most commonly asked question when it comes to nursing as a profession. The decision must be taken after careful considerations of a number of different factors and the correct one may differ from person to person.

• Time: The time required to complete the course is one year in case of LPN while two to four years in case of RN
• Requirements: Meeting the requirements to take up a course is much easier in case of LPN
• Remuneration: RN offers a much better salary as compared to LPN course
• Position: RN offers a better managerial position as compared to LPN

Further Studies
In case you chose a LPN, you can take up LPN to RN bridge course in case you are interested in studying further and seeking a better position in the organization. Depending on the above points, in case you are not sure if nursing is the right field for you or if you have financial issues, LPN is the better alternate. However, if you are more interested in starting your career from a little higher position with better remuneration and are prepared to wait for more time to complete the course, then RN is the better alternate.

The State of Nursing Training in 2012

Due to consumer demand, most college nursing programs are currently being offered online. Over the past several years, there have been thousands of people who have decided to change career paths. Based on a recent survey, the top three career changing choices have been education, business and nursing. The number of individuals who have chosen nursing as a new career has risen by twenty percent since June 2011.

Many human resource experts speculate that these changes are due to people getting fed up with their old jobs and wanting to find a career that offered more excitement. That is one thing you can definitely say about the nursing field, and that is there is something very exciting always going on.

Due to the growing number of people entering the nursing field, there has been a significant increase in new nursing programs and schools. In cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix for example, individuals seeking nursing degrees are enrolling at schools which recently launched new programs such as Kaplan University Online, Anna Maria College, Sacred Heart University and also American Sentinel University Online. All these schools have excellent online programs which offer students a great learning experience and convenience. Having access to a school that offers flexible online courses is what a large number of people are seeking today. This includes those who want to start a new career as a registered nurse or a nursing case manager.

In addition to traditional college nursing programs there are now also several schools that offer accelerated nursing degree courses. These accelerated courses are designed to help students earn their certification in half the time it takes to earn a traditional nursing degree. Most individuals who enroll in these accelerated courses are generally people who already work in the nursing field, who are seeking additional training in order to apply for a higher paying job.

In addition, there are also many hospitals today which will pay the tuition cost for some of their select employees to enroll in these programs, in order to help reduce the current nursing shortage. Several of the schools currently offering accelerated nursing programs include South University, Herzing University, Grand Canyon University, the University of St. Mary and also Independence University Online. In most cases, these accelerated programs last between twelve and eighteen months. This is significantly shorter than traditional nursing programs, which typically last between three and four years. The job outlook for the nursing field is very positive, which includes increasing job opportunities at many major community hospitals.

Earn your Nursing Degree On Your Own Terms

Nursing is a profession which seems to continue to expand. When you go to nursing school at first you achieve your Associate’s degree. This makes you a bona fide nurse who can go out into the world and provide nursing aid to those who require it, or work in a hospital.

However with an Associate’s degree one cannot go far in the profession of nursing. Unless you return to school achieve your Bachelors in nursing you will never be able to progress to the highest levels. Without your Bachelor’s degree in nursing you will forever be stuck at the entry level, whether or not you have the skills and the know-how.

However who has time for school when you are holding down a job in nursing already? You may even have a family, and if not a family you most definitely have a private life which must be attended to. There are private errands to run and not to mention time to sleep between all this. This is the number one reason why people do not go back to school - they simply do not have the time.

This problem is solved with online degrees and schooling. With an online course one can earn one’s bachelors in nursing easily. With as little time as a year you can promote yourself in your nursing education and go after jobs which are above the status you already work under with your Associates and Register Nursing degrees. All you need to do is enroll in an online university, take your courses and do the work. As long as the work is submitted by the due date it doesn’t matter how or where it is done. This affords you the ability to earn your bachelors in nursing at your own pace, on your own terms.

Nursing can be a rewarding career choice, giving you the ability to not only help others but to help yourself to better financial and job security. An online course gives you the tools to take your life and your career future into your own hands. It allows you to do whatever it is you wish to do with your life. When you have a career which can offer so much and the only thing standing in your way is a few simple college courses for a sheet of paper then you want to do whatever it is you can in order to get that sheet of paper.

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner Online is Easier Than You Think!

Using online nurse practitioner programs is the easiest and quickest way to get a degree these days. Going to a traditional school takes up a lot of time and precious resources. For the average student today, you have so many other obligations in life that it can be hard to schedule classes. When you take on an online nurse practitioner program, you do the work on your own time, when you have time. The user interface is easy enough that you do not have to be a computer wizard to complete your nurse practitioner program.

The program is more cost effective than traditional schools. No need to race around to different classes, get stuck in traffic, and pay high gas prices. If you have kids, you save money in daycare costs as you can complete your coursework when they nap or after they go to bed at night. You do not even need to worry about getting dressed to go to school. If you have a computer that is available to use, you are ready to go!

The classroom is still intimate and often times you can get to know your classmates better than in traditional classrooms because you each spend time posting in the course room area. There are lots of times you will sit next to someone in class for an entire semester and never speak a word to them, you just go to class and do your own thing. In an online class you are able to bounce ideas off each other and see what other people think. You may get to hear some ideas you would not have otherwise thought of, and you may help someone else out by giving some new ideas of your own.

When going into the medical field, it is important to gain as much knowledge as possible and all the professors are well knowledgeable with most of them are practicing in their area of expertise. Who better to learn from than real people who are doing the job in the real world? It is a great way to learn from real life experiences that others have had.

Being a nurse practitioner is such a rewarding career that will pay you well on top of it. There is nothing better than getting paid to do what you love. If you are looking to become a nurse practitioner, than an online np program is the way to go.