Selecting the Best Nursing Degree For Your Needs

The opportunities related to nursing careers are set to rise at an alarming pace in the times to come. Even in the present times, the demand of professionals of the field is exceeding the supply. The number of graduates is much less than the actual number required to meet the demand. The government has also introduced a number of accelerated programs to ensure graduation of more professionals in a much shorter duration of time. However, certain points must be kept in mind in order to ensure that you opt for the best nursing degree as per your needs.

The first thing that you need to consider is whether to go in for ADN or BSN degree. An associate degree is usually enough to get a job; however, a bachelor's degree certainly offer better job prospects and growth in the organization. On the other hand, a bachelor's degree requires more time to be completed and the prerequisites for enrollment are also more.

Mode of Study
The best nursing degree for you is the one that that you can complete without any other issues. Choosing the correct mode is equally important to ensure the same. The options include online and offline. In case you cannot let go of your current job because of one reason or the other, it is always better to select an online program. It offers the same value and degree as provided by a traditional brick and tar school. The time of study also plays a major role in reaching to a conclusion.

The list of options would certainly be reduced to a few in case you consider the fee that you would be paying. The online degree programs certainly ask for a lesser fee and might be a better option in case you are short of funds. Colleges and the federal government also offer a number of scholarships to take care of a major part of the expenditure related to the course.

Accredited College
It is very important that you choose an accredited school as well to take up a course. A degree from a non-accredited school would not provide as much opportunities related to getting a job and growth when compared to an accredited one.

Keeping the above points in mind would help to figure out the best nursing degree as per your needs. It is very important that you analyze your options well before reaching to a conclusion.

Fast Track RN to BSN

Studies reveal that the Registered Nurses occupy most nursing positions in the industry. However, with the passage of time, the competition has increased many folds in the job market. If you do not have a bachelor's degree, you would certainly have a disadvantage when it comes to job search, irrespective of the work experience. Employers prefer those with a bachelor's degree in the modern times.

Upgrading to BSN not only offers better job prospects but also provides you with a chance to go in for higher studies. However, if four years to complete the course seems too much, you can always go in for a fast track RN to BSN. The course can be completed in 12 to 18 months and offers the same value as the four-year one.

Requirements to Take up Fast Track RN to BSN

In order to take up the accelerated RN to BSN course, you need to present a document proof of 1000 hours of practice in a health care setting ranging over a period of three years before the filing of application.

The demand of qualified nurses is surely on the rise simply because of the increase in number of healthcare settings.

Is it Right for You?
Whether the program is right for you vary from individual to individual and a careful analysis of some of the points can help you reach to a conclusion. The advantages include:

• Better job opportunities including a higher paycheck and better position in the organization awaits you after the completion of the course.
• The program is completed in a much shorter span and offers you the same advantages as a normal one.

Probably the only disadvantage related to the program is that since it is completed in a much lesser duration of time, it puts a lot of pressure on the students. The time lines are strict and you are required to put some efforts to complete the course.

The Options
A number of different schools offer the accelerated RN to BSN course and you can select one as per your convenience. A few websites including provides information about the course and various schools offering the same. You can also choose to complete the program online. This would provide you the option of setting the study hours as per your convenience. You would also be able to earn a living while you study to get a bachelor's degree.

Choosing a Career you Love - Nursing

The uniquely fulfilling and challenging world of nursing is one that sees its practitioners devoting so much time to the patients under their care that little time may be left for themselves. Great satisfaction may be derived from fulfilling this important service to society, but to the individual practitioner who wants to further their career an advanced online nursing degree might seem unobtainable because of the time commitments of both work and family. The reality is that there really is no better time than now for a current RN to obtain an online nursing degree because of its overall efficacy in one’s career combined with the extreme scheduling ease of doing coursework remotely, on one’s own time. There is no need to forgo continuing education while still being a practicing RN.

An RN who is passionate about the field and seeks a greater variety of opportunities within the profession may want to look into acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. BSNs will find they have many doors opened to them. This is the minimum recommended level of education for individuals who wish to future-proof their careers in nursing, because of possible impending changes in requirements for RNs. The degree provides the student with the knowledge and skillset necessary to tackle the ever-growing demands of leading fellow staff in a world of increasing medical complexity. In addition to opening up immediate possible career options, the BSN also allows for the student to further their education through a Master of Science in Nursing, or MSN.

It should be noted that the MSN involves post-graduate education for those interested in research and education roles in addition to a more diverse set of practitioner specialties. MSN degrees are available online, with the only prerequisites being a BSN and four years of practice in the field. The degree can be custom-tailored to the individual RN’s core goals, with advanced coursework ranging from specialties such as pediatric, psychiatric, neonatal, and more. MSN holders are able to become nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and more.

An interesting note about the MSN is that although there are current MSN holders engaging in fields such as anesthesiology, the requirements will eventually be raised to where all anesthesiology RNs will have to hold a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, or DNP. The DNP is for individuals seeking to become primary care practitioners. This is the equivalent of the doctoral title that other science fields may have.

Although these are the most popular degrees being obtained by RNs today, there are numerous other courses for RNs that want to continue their education by getting an advanced online nursing degree, as well as other degrees for those wishing to become RNs or Licensed Practical Nurses (LNP).

Modern Nurse Practitioner Degrees

Because of the advancements made in computer technology, there are now many alternative ways and options to earn a nurse practitioner degree. The growing number of people seeking a degree in nursing has significantly increased over the past several years.

One of the main reasons for this increase has a lot to do with the increasing number of people losing their jobs and switching careers. For example, a survey of over one hundred nursing students revealed that sixty percent had been in former unrelated professions. This included people who had previously worked as garbage collectors, administrative assistants, bill collectors and teachers. As a result of being laid off from their job and not being able to find another one in their current field, they decided to enroll in a nursing school to develop new skills.

Unlike the nursing training programs of yesterday which required in-school participation, many of today's courses can be taken over the internet. This not only provides unemployed individuals a convenient for earning a nursing degree, but is also provide a convenient option for working individuals who want to change careers. Other changes that have occurred in nursing training programs over the past several years include the addition of new classes and topics. In the past, most nursing courses generally consisted of classes on how to assist doctors and administer medicine. Today however, most courses now include training that involves the use of advanced medical technology equipment. In addition, there have also been changes and updates in nursing terminology due to all the recent changes in the healthcare law. This means that being a nurse today requires a lot more skills, patience and training.

While most nursing graduates generally work in hospitals and medical centers, there are some that prefer working in home healthcare or private practice. Although the salary is not the same as working in a medical center or hospital, many nurses find that working in a private practice or home healthcare environment provides them more flexibility and opportunities for advancement.

At the present time, there are several nurse practitioner degree options that include a registered nursing program, a nursing degree course in forensic medicine, and also an accelerated nursing degree program. This accelerated degree program was created in an effort to address the immediate nursing needs of local area doctors and hospitals. The accelerated program does not require students to take basic courses like liberal arts, but it does require advanced courses like chemistry, anatomy and microbiology.

How to go from an LVN to RN online

For those interested in earning an advanced nursing degree, you can now go from being a LVN to RN in a matter of months. Because of the increasing number of nursing schools offering online LVN to RN courses, it is now much easier to become a registered nurse. This new option has helped to increase overall nursing school enrollment by almost forty five percent.

One of the reasons many licensed vocational nurses (LVN's) want to become registered nurses (RN's), is because the position pays a higher salary and provides much more opportunities. In the past, when a person wanted to advance from being a licensed vocational nurse to a registered nurse, it required going to an actual school after a full day of work, or quitting their current job and going to school full time. Now however, those who want to become a registered nurse can easily enroll online.

There are several online registered nursing degree programs currently available today, which includes a bachelors and masters degree program. Some of the training involved includes learning the latest medical terminology and also how to use the latest medical equipment. Much of the medical equipment used by registered nurses today requires having some experience and knowledge of computers and mobile technology. In regards to medical terminology, registered nurses today are also required to keep up to date on this so they will be in compliance with the new healthcare laws.

In terms of selecting a school, some that currently offer nursing degree programs over the internet include The College Network, South University Online, Walden University, King College, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Ashworth College, Lincoln Technical Institute, American Sentinel University Online, and the University of Phoenix. In terms of employment, many of these schools also provide job placement assistance. In addition, many also offer internship programs, which provide students the ability to meet prospective employers and develop on the job experience. Depending upon the type of degree you are seeking, you can go from being a licensed vocational nurse to a registered nurse in about twelve to eighteen months.

In terms of salary, most registered nurses today make between sixty thousand and seventy five thousand dollars per year. The low to mid range salaries are generally for nurses who work in local community hospitals, while the higher range salaries are earned by nurses who work for themselves or specialty doctors. The demand for registered nurses is highest in states like Georgia, California and Texas. As you can see from the above, there are a lot of online LVN to RN courses currently available.

Access to Pediatric Nursing

When it comes to taking up a degree course in pediatric nursing, there are quite a few degrees that are available for undergoing this study. By choosing a pediatric nursing degree, one has the opportunity to work in different types of health organizations such as private hospitals, public health centers with child blocks and child specialty centers. It is however a highly sought-after field so the competition is high, therefore educational qualifications play a big part in landing a role within this specific discipline. Some of the degrees that could be taken for consideration include a Bachelor of Science in Health Science or a BS in Nursing; indeed there are now many ways to get into the field.

A Bachelor of Science in Health Science is a program that has been designed for students to gain a complete overview of the health care management system, including the child health care management system. The program focuses on the health care services that are provided in community nursery health care centers and the private nursery and private health care centers. Some of the main subjects that are taught during this bachelor degree course include biology, physiology and anatomy.

A BS in Nursing is one of the main requirements that need to be satisfied for a career in pediatric nursing. Pediatric nursing degrees equip the student with all the required knowledge required to perform pediatric nursing functions in a professional manner. One can take up this degree course either by joining a college campus or through an online provider.

Some of the subjects that are studied as part of the degree course include professional nursing practice, theories and models of nursing practice, health care communication, health and disease management, healthy assessment, statistical applications, evidence-based nursing research and practice, health communities, theory and practice, epidemiology – local and global, health law and ethics and health informatics.

One can also take a Master of Science in Nursing with a pediatric nurse practitioner specialization. In order to take up this Master Degree in nursing, one has to have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and be a registered Nurse Licensure (RN). This masters degree is usually a 2 to 3 year program. After completing the MS in Nursing, one can take a pediatric nurse practitioner certificate exam. This program usually takes 1 to 2 years to complete. Students with a graduate or a post graduate degree in Nursing are eligible to take the certification exam.

1 Year vs. 2 Year Nursing Training Programs

When it comes to the nursing field, there are a variety of different programs out there that provide a varying amount of education, such as LPN programs or 2-year nursing programs. In choosing a program, it can be difficult to determine which one best suits an individual’s needs, as there are indeed many pathos one can choose.

A licensed practical nurse (LPN), also known as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN), has training that can be completed in about a year’s time, and according to the Bureau of Statistics for 2012-2013, the median annual salary for a licensed practical nurse is $40,830. The LPN program also provides some very distinct advantages. Since the program takes only a year, a student in the program can finish earlier than other programs and begin working in the industry much sooner.

The education typically takes place at a hospital, community college, or vocational school. Tuition for a LPN degree is also fairly inexpensive, with the average being about $2,000 at most schools. There is plenty of financial aid and grant money to help with students who may struggle to afford the costs. A final benefit of obtaining an LPN degree comes from the fact that credit for coursework performed during the LPN class can be used for a LPN to RN or BSN program.

On the other hand, 2-year nursing programs can also be a viable option. These associate degrees are a great cost-effective alternative to a bachelor’s in nursing typically offered at 4-year colleges all around the country. Generally, an associate’s degree will emphasize technical nursing skills, and students will also be required to have basic English, math, and science skills.

A 2-year nursing program has many benefits as well. Obtaining an associate’s degree in nursing qualifies an individual to take the licensure exam (NCLEX-RN) and also apply for a license as a RN, or registered nurse. It is a more prestigious than the LPN program and may give individuals an edge over LPN applicants when applying to jobs at hospitals or inpatient care facilities.

Furthermore, obtaining an associate’s degree in nursing fulfills requirements for a position in the event that further education, such as an advanced nursing degree, is desired. Many schools now offer what is known as “bridging” in regards to nursing programs, where an applicant with an associate’s degree in nursing may earn a bachelor’s degree in just two years, and not the normal four.

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Advantages of Gaining a BSN

Job security is a hard thing to find in these days of an insecure economy. The need for a decent job which is also well paying can be something hard to find. The one thing which allows for one to land a decent job is an education.

When one becomes a nurse they can decide to stay at the initial level, or try to advance in the world of nursing. When one becomes a nurse they can then become an RN, more commonly known as a Resident Nurse. This is what they call normal everyday nurses you see in hospitals. The education which is required to become a nurse can be time consuming. It is hard enough to become an RN.

Let’s say you are already an RN. You know just how hard it was, and how time consuming. If you want to go up the educational ladder later to a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) this can be even more time consuming, but with your current Resident Nursing job how can you find the time for school, work, course study and sleep, let alone any other of your responsibilities you may have? An RN to BSN degree is going to be tough.

This is what the modern marvel of the internet is for! Now you can log on and attend online courses for study. This way you can take your classes to advance your career but also take the courses at your leisure and own pace. This way you can take the necessary work and space it out around your busy life. Maintaining a life, a career and even a load of coursework in school can easily burn you out.

An online course is the best way to earn your RN to BSN degree. Advancing your career can be the best thing that you’ve ever done. Nursing is a profession that each year requires more and more bodies to fill positions, but you should also be thinking about climbing the ladder.

A BSN can open up lots of doors in many different fields. Nursing is not a career that means you must stay in a public hospital ward all of your life. On the contrary, with a BSN you have the opportunity to move into the commercial field, or specialize in a particular type of nursing that interests you. This exciting world is out there for you, and you merely need to get started on furthering your education.

Get Certified in Forensic Nursing

Nursing is an ever-expanding field that is no longer the traditional profession that it once was - nurses now have more career opportunities than many other professions and they are utilizing them to great effect. Nurses are now branching out into the legal field, the insurance profession, and are even taking their medical expertise to the field of forensic science. While this profession may seem like a lucrative position reserved for television celebrities, the truth of the matter is that this is a field that is very attainable.

Forensic nursing allows registered nurses to complete a course that will find them employable in the field of crime investigations and insurance studies. The role of a forensic nurse cannot be defined in a short blurb, as they are often called upon to ensure that many vital duties are carried out professionally. For example, a forensic nurse may be called upon to collect crime scene evidence, as well as assess the mental and physical state of relatives of victims who may be in need of attention. Forensic nurses are also used to determine certain medical information from the scene of an insurance claim - this is essential in being sure that a claim is accurate.

As this is a field that could be considered 'hybrid' it is not uncommon for these nurses to fill a number of roles, both medical and investigative - this feature is great appealing to those that require variety in their professional life. The other appealing factor of being a hybrid profession is that it greatly opens up career opportunities for anybody that merely has a foot in the door.

In order to get certified in forensic nursing, one must first research if the course is available at colleges in the local area. If it is not, there are two options available. One option is to move to another state where the course could be completed, often with the help of financial aid, or the student could opt for convenience and flexibility of an online course. There are many valid online courses available for forensic nursing programs that can work around busy schedules and may suit single mothers, people in career transition, or just about anybody that cannot sacrifice all of their time to full time education in one quick move.

Once certified, the graduate will be able to apply for positions in a limb of the medical industry that is in great need to utilize the skills of nurses. No longer are the days where nurses can be considered assistants to doctors; they have invaluable medical knowledge and experience that can be applied to a wide range of professions and practices.

Is Becoming a Nurse a Good Career Move?

In today’s economy finding a solid career is just as important as how much money you will make. One of the best ways to land a decent job is to find an area of employment which requires people. Any profession which has a shortage in people to fill positions will more guarantee job security. One profession has such a shortage and that is nursing.

The nursing profession has many positions open year round which require people to fill them. However no-one can wake up and decide they want to be a nurse and land a job the same day. Nursing requires an education and sometimes we almost do not have time for such a thing. This is where online schooling comes into play.

With online nursing classes one can become a nurse in no time. You can take the courses necessary to further your own education. With going to a brick-and-mortar school one may not have time to take classes nor does one have the time to work through the standard program of schooling. With online nursing classes you can easily become a nurse in no time.

The ability to take the necessary courses and study the work needed at your own pace and leisure is what makes online classes so wonderful. In an age where we can do everything on the internet it is no surprise that one can take school courses online. Most online schools are just as good as offline schools and universities. Some of these places can even help you find a job somewhere in your position which you have just earned an education in.

Becoming a nurse is not as hard as it once was. Nursing schools use to be long and drawn out. They could be full over night and one may have to wait for a position to open up. With an online course you do not have to worry about full seating in a classroom and with an online class the classroom is brought to you. This can easily allow you to do the coursework over time at your leisure which has shown that when people are not under pressure they learn faster and easier.

Online schooling can help you find a great new life and open doors for furthering your career and your employment. After all everyone needs to make a decent amount of money in order to survive in this day and age.

Fast Track RN to BSN Programs

When one becomes a nurse they can become an RN, a resident nurse. This can be a reasonably lucrative job. There is a lot of security in a job like this. You get to help people and you can feel good about yourself because you are indeed out there making a difference. However sometimes you can be salaried into the position of an RN. Sure the pay is nice and the hours are long but you sometimes need more in this life. This is why further education is needed to advance.

However you went to nursing school the first time, and you know how hard that was - the long hours and all the money spent. If you want to further your career, how can you do so with those grueling hours? You know very well that there is plenty of time required for schooling. This is why online schooling can be considered fast track RN to BSN degrees.

Obtaining your BSN while you already have an RN can a pain but with online schooling you can take the courses as you want to around your own schedule. This is one of the best ways to attend school - it is a proven fact that those who move at their own pace do much better and learn a whole lot more. The BSN program is involved, and time needs to be spent working on your Bachelors.

In a world of economic uncertainty you need job security. In a field like nursing, every year there is at least a thirty percent opening in the field in almost every specialty. There are many RNs out there but not that many BSNs. This is due to the time that it takes to reach this level of education.

Putting yourself on a fast track RN to BSN degree course is the right start. It will open doors for an expansion of your career and help you reach a higher pay grade and a much better position than where you are now. Any chance one has to better themselves and increase their education should be taken up on in a heartbeat. These online classes are nice, comfortable and at your leisure, allowing you to take the course work and divvy it up so you can have it finished on time.

So, you really have no excuse not to better yourself and your career prospects by joining an online program.

A Guide to LPN Degree Programs

If you are in the market for an LPN degree, congratulations! You are getting yourself into one of the fastest growing fields in the country. Different companies everywhere are looking for LPNs, or Licensed Practical Nurses. LPNs have various jobs in the field of nursing, with some working in vastly different careers than others. Across the board LPNs are in demand, so consider enrolling in an LPN degree program today.

There are many different methods to get an LPN degree, with various programs available for all levels of time commitment and all learning styles. Getting an LPN degree involves a lot of studying and class time. These classes are offered at community colleges and even some high schools, all of the classes must be licensed by the state. Some community college programs have even been taking their classes online, allowing those who stay at home or otherwise do not have the time to commit to physical classes to earn an associate’s degree in nursing online. These programs are a very serious option for those who are considering getting their LPN degree. However, once someone gets the degree, to become an LPN they still have to pass an exam.

This exam varies from state to state, but almost always involves a practical component. This means that you need to make sure your skills are brushed up and as good as can be, so you are able to pass the practical part of the exam. Those who fail are allowed to retake the exam, but they need to delay a certain amount before this is possible. If you pass, then you get your license and can begin working as an LPN essentially right away. These programs are terrific options for you if you want to change your life drastically but still need to work during the day. Getting your LPN degree online is extremely easy, thanks to a wide variety of state-licensed online LPN degree programs.

Once you pass your exam, get ready for an exciting, fast paced career, with jobs available everywhere. There is a high demand for nurses in many positions, ranging from schools, to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, to rehab programs and more. Getting your nursing degree will open up a whole world of opportunities to improve your salary, feel wanted at work, and know you are doing work that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

How Do I Choose a Nursing School?

Choosing a nursing school can be a very important decision that will affect your entire career. Whether you are looking to be accepted into a Practical Nursing Program or a Registered Nursing Program, you will want to find accredited nursing schools to choose from. Be sure to search for reviews of these schools and check out their status for graduation rate percentages, number of students accepted at a time, and find out which nursing test you will be required to take in order to be accepted into the school.

Some schools offer employers a guarantee for their graduates, basically guaranteeing that they have received the best education and if there are further classes at a later date for them to improve their knowledge and skills, these are offered to them free of charge.

Nursing is a great career and is definitely an in-demand industry. You will want to be sure your school is listed with other accredited nursing schools. This is important because most hospitals and other facilities that would employ you will want to do their own research to ensure you have had the best education.

This will also determine if you are the type of nurse they would want to hire. If you do not attend one of the accredited nursing schools, it is very likely you will not have as much chance at finding employment as someone that went through the extra effort to find a school that is accredited and gives their students the education they need to become the best in the field of nursing.

When choosing a nursing school you will want to compare the nursing programs to see how long they take to be completed. You will want to be sure to find out what classes you are required to take as prerequisites and if you have attended college previously, you can see if any of the classes you have already taken can be applied as class credits to the nursing program. If you find a school you like, set up a time to visit the school and talk to some of the students to find out what they like and dislike about the program. This will give you the inside scoop on finding out whether this is the right school for you or if you should keep looking.

Some schools do not offer an RN program, but allow you to get your Practical Nursing degree and then transfer to another school. However, if you are able to find a school that offers an RN program then that would be the best way to go since you will be able to go right into that program with most colleges and get to the top of the nursing industry.

What Can I Expect from a RN to BSN Program?

While there are many financial incentives in place for aspiring nurses to begin work as a registered nurse, taking the step to become qualified as an RN is only the first step in a long and rewarding medical career. Due to the shortage of nurses in the medical sector, many colleges - both online and offline - offer focused fast-track degrees that can be obtained in a relatively short amount of time. These degrees, often 'associates degrees', are used to fill more job openings and provide a more efficient level of service in the medical industry. This makes sense for the industry, but not necessarily the individual.

Should a registered nurse with an associate’s degree choose to expand on their career path and branch out into other areas of the medical world, they may find that beyond employing registered nurses with fast-track degrees, many hospitals will not consider applicants for advanced positions who do not own a bachelors degree.

It is for this reason that a basic but helpful program is in place to allow registered nurses with skills to obtain their BA without having to start from scratch. This eliminates the fears that many nurses have that there simply isn't the time to advance their career. Now, many nurses are now opting to fast track RN to BSN by choosing a reputable school and working in the hours that suits their work and personal schedule.

After completion of a fast track RN to BSN program, a registered nurse will be able to not only advance their career into other professional limbs of the medical industry, but will have a highly sought after nursing qualification that will allow them to transfer or apply for a range of nursing opportunities all over the country, and indeed, all over the world. Hospitals with a higher level of care are statistically more likely to employ nurses with a bachelor’s degree as it displays a certain level of dedication to the profession of nursing, and with that comes a more competitive salary.

With recent dialogue about the reshaping of the medical industry coming to the forefront of the political landscape, there has even been talk that nurses may be obligated by law to complete an RN to BSN program. Should this come to pass, it will be the already-prepared that will be in higher demand than ever before. Registered nursing offers job security like no other position, so it only makes sense to preserve those lucrative skills.

Solid Careers in Nursing with a BSN Online

A career, to most people, means everything. It can mean job security; it can give you peace of mind with a steady income which you can live off. However landing a well-paying career is not easy if you do not have the education for it. Going to school can be expensive and even time consuming. If you do not have the money to pay for it then you have to work but if you do not have the time to attend classes then why bother working for it? Furthering your education is clearly not an easy thing to do.

It can be frustrating but now with the age of the internet, you can have an accelerated BSN online combatively easily. A BSN is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Some people do not care for these online degrees and bachelor programs as they are uninformed. However they are not as shallow as people would make them out to be. An online accelerated nursing program is an online degree which is set to your schedule. It allows you the time you need to study when you can and take your exams with ease and not have to worry about the pressures of time.

Nursing currently has ten professions that are on the rise. Within the field of nursing are subfields. Some of these include traveling nursing, military nursing, forensic nursing, surgical nursing, nurse specialist and certified nursing. All of these are in high demand and they pay well. However they require a lot of work and study. This is time that you may not have especially during the day when you have to maintain the job you currently have. These programs allow you to take courses at night or early in the morning or simply when you have the time. You are given your course work and you know what has to be done and by when so you can set your schedule accordingly.

Some may tell you that an accelerated BSN online program is not worth it but these are either people who do not realize the constraints of your everyday life or they are trying to promote universities and brick and mortar institutions. Either way, you should not listen to anyone but yourself. All you need to do is look for yourself and see if it is worth your time - there are clearly solid careers to be had in the field of nursing and with a BSN online degree you can achieve these new heights with ease.

Career Prospects from Forensic Nursing Programs

The idea of becoming involved in the field of criminal justice is an enticing and exciting prospect that has been made glamorous by the likes of TV shows such as CSI. While the reality may not quite have the same arcs and plot twists with such frequent consistency, a career in forensic nursing is still considered one of the most exciting and rewarding careers that one can undertake in the medical industry. After considering the correct and suitable forensic nursing programs, and finishing the degree, this is what the newly qualified forensic nurse can expect. A forensic nurse can expect to find work not just in the labs of a hospital, but also in multiple areas of law enforcement such as the police or even the FBI; highly skilled forensic nurses can also be highly sought after by independent contractors and are often paid very well.

Forensic nursing is far more hands-on than the title might imply - should the nurse choose to work in the most traditional role as a forensic nurse, they will be called to the scene not just to collect blood and hair samples, but to also administer treatment should that be necessary. This role is a high pressured but extremely rewarding career that can enable a qualified, skilled nurse to be at the very heart of a crime or accident investigation and deliver justice to those that truly deserve it. It is a career that should not be taken lightly, but the fast-paced work environment means that even a newly employed nurse, fresh out of a forensic nursing program, will quickly develop experience and new skills on the job.

In terms of financial compensation, forensic nurses are some of the best paid nurses in the medical industry. A newly employed forensic nurse could theoretically begin at a starting salary of $55k which can grow exponentially with experience and skill type. With adequate experience, forensic nurses will also enjoy the luxury of being able to seek employment from independent firms and can find themselves earning a substantial 5 figure salary.

Deciding upon which medical field to study and commit to is a task that requires a great deal of thought and consideration. However, very few medical careers offer quite the same level of thrills and personal satisfaction than a career in forensic nursing. From studying to real work experience, this is a career that continues to expand and offer something unique to every potential newcomer.

Navigating your Career in Nursing

Starting a career in nursing can seem like a daunting task that could cost thousands of dollars and consume years of valuable time. However, a recent nurse shortage has enabled the government and college institutes to offer viable solutions to getting a qualification in nursing that can be used in the real world. No longer are the days whereby an individual would have to take out loans and commit years of their life to obtaining a degree in a field that may not necessarily be able to employ.

Luckily, the expansion of the medical sector has meant that there are programs available that can train nurses using a range of methods and concentrated programs. For example, should an individual have a desire to become a forensic nurse, there are systems in place that allow for prospective nurses to study in this specific field, which will severely reduce the time required for forensic nurses to be introduced into the medical industry.

Despite these fast-track solutions being very popular and a proven method of fixing gaps in the industry, there is still an incredible demand for BA's in nursing. Like the fast-track solutions, a BA in nursing is no longer a 6 year intensive degree with student loans; it's an affordable course that can be taken at the pace of the individual. The best nursing degree is subjective, but few would argue over the importance of a BA.

The introduction of online courses has enabled both students and teachers to employ a sophisticated and flexible routine of study that can boost efficiency and reduce dropouts significantly. Online nursing programs are among the most advanced and reliable with fewer dropouts recorded than most other online courses.

Of course, if online learning is not suitable, in-person training is available and there to help individuals that can benefit from face to face tuition and the motivation that comes with having a schooling routine. Deciding which is the best nursing degree is really a matter of preference and it is highly advised that a prospective student does adequate research into the options available and truly considers which would be appropriate for their needs.

Arguably, the application of the educational program is the hardest decision and task in the entire career path, as the shortage of nurses means there are jobs available for skilled individuals to fall into straight out of education. Nursing is truly a field that is not only a wise financial career, but one that will provide a great sense of moral satisfaction.

Will I Be Able To Complete Online Nursing School At My Own Pace?

Getting a nursing degree online leaves you with so many questions such as "Can I become a registered nurse online?", "How do they work?", "Will I be able to complete online nursing school at my own pace?", and many more. To answer your other questions, visit Meanwhile, here is some information to answer a few of them.

Can you become a registered nurse online? The answer is yes! A number of online schools offer nursing degrees such as bachelor's and associate's degree to qualify you for your initial registered nurse license. Online nursing school programs work generally like your class-room-based education. You need to complete the academic part of your nursing school coursework online and arrange your clinical requirements at a health care facility that is approved by your nursing school. Some online schools of nursing require students to come to campus for exams, speech classes, laboratory, and procedural training. However, a number of them do not require you to be on campus.

Probably the most important question you want to be answered is "Will I be able to complete online nursing school at my own pace?" There are some online degree programs and classes that allow students to take them at their own pace. However, a number of affiliated programs with universities often require their students to maintain the same semester or quarter scheduled for on-campus students. There are also degrees and classes that can be completed in an accelerated pace, however classes are generally structured to require a minimum of six weeks to be completed.

Getting a nursing degree online also offers benefits. Since a number of working nurses with responsibilities to their families cannot afford to work less while studying, online education allows you to earn an advanced degree and complete your coursework at your own convenience. Get your nursing degree online now!

How Do Online Nursing School Programs Work?

Are you planning to take your nursing degree online? How do online nursing school programs work? Online nursing school programs work quite the same as the conventional classroom-based education. However, there are also a few main differences. The process of starting your nursing degree online is similar to that of enrolling on an on-campus program. First, you need to find an accredited school that will suit your needs.

In order to keep up with the rising demand of nurses, a number of schools offer online nursing programs that students can choose from. However, there are some unaccredited online schools that you should avoid. To make sure that you have chosen an accredited school, check the Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs from the US Department of Education.

After checking the legitimacy of the school and enrolling in their online nursing program, you can begin taking classes like a student in a classroom would. However, in contrast with the classroom setting, your courses are neither confined to the same classroom nor limited to a specific time. Instead, you will take your classes with an internet-capable computer anywhere and anytime.

This allows you to study your lectures and complete your coursework whenever you are available. Lectures may be provided through slide shows, plain text, or pre-recorded videos. In addition, coursework are usually in the form of worksheets or essays and are submitted digitally. All learning is done online. Even examinations are also conducted online. However, they are similar to classroom examinations which are subject to restrictions in time. Furthermore, you may reach your classmates and professors through instant messaging or e-mails.

Before earning your degree, you will also undergo duty hours. You must complete your clinical by arranging with a health care facility that is approved by your online school. Your work will then be reported to the school as part of your graduation requirements. So, how do online nursing school programs work? Well, they work pretty much the same as classroom programs for they also require self-motivation, perseverance, and hard work.

What Are The Prerequisites For An Online Nursing Degree?

Nurses are very important parts of the basic care of the patients in clinics, hospitals, and other health care settings. In order to become a registered nurse, you need to have a 2-4 year college degree in nursing as well as earn a license by passing the nursing licensure exam provided in every state. Before you get a degree in nursing, you need to have the prerequisites.

What are the prerequisites for an online nursing degree? Aspiring nurses need to graduate from high school or earn a GED (General Education Development) certificate. In addition, you may need to consider taking classes in chemistry and biology to prepare for nursing studies. For more information on what are the prerequisites for an online nursing degree, visit

Associate's Degree

By completing an associate's degree, you will be able to gain a baseline education. Associate's degree in nursing includes a combination of clinical practice and classroom experience that will help you prepare for your nursing career. You will also be required to complete coursework in areas such as anatomy, pharmacology, and nursing skills. You can practice what you have learned in health care facilities as well.

Bachelor's Degree

Unlike the two years completion of the Associate's degree, Bachelor's degree in nursing usually takes 4 years. Bachelor programs include extensive training and students are equipped to take more demanding roles. Common topics needed to complete the degree are adult health issues, pathology-physiology, and patient health assessment. It may also require you to complete a broad clinical training for all types of patient care, including mental health.

Career Advancements

If you already have a degree, you may enrol for a master's degree to specialize as a nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse specialist, or any advanced nursing professional. Courses may include topics such as internal medicine, women's health, and paediatrics. After completing the program, you are required to pass a certification exam as well as obtain licensure from the state to serve as a nurse practitioner.

How Do On-Campus And Online Education Experiences Differ?

Online nursing degrees have become increasing popular. A number of students especially those who pay for their tuition make use of this opportunity to learn more and increase their chances of promotion and earning a greater salary. However, how do on-campus and online education experiences differ? These days, there are a number of ways to achieve a higher education.

You can enroll on campus, attend classes and access education resources. Another option is to enroll online wherein majority of communications and schoolwork is done via the Internet. There is also a learning environment that combines both. So, how do you which are the best program for you?

In terms of flexibility, online courses allow you to complete your coursework anywhere and anytime depending on which is convenient for you. Oftentimes, this is an ideal setting for students who are single parents, working or anyone who needs a flexible schedule. However, students who are not persevering may find themselves quickly falling behind. Online degrees also allow you to reach your professors and classmates via online chatting, video conferencing, and message boards. However, if you yearn for a quick exchange of ideas, you may prefer the classroom environment. On the other hand, if you experience anxiety whenever called on to speak in front of the class, you will enjoy the time to reflect and respond in online courses.

How do on-campus and online education experiences differ? Social interaction is one of the best parts of a college experience. If you want to meet new people, it is better to take classes on campus. However, online courses are not entirely missing interaction. There are message boards and video conferencing that allows you interact with your classmates and instructors. In addition, online courses are usually taken by people all around the world. This offers you the chance to make connection with people you can never meet on campus.

For more information about the difference between online and on-campus education, visit

Do Online Schools Offer Scholarships And Financial Aid?

Online schools are a growing trend at the present time. Since it offers a number of benefits more than that of traditional education, many students would like to receive a higher education through online education. However, they often worry about the cost of gaining a degree online. Online schools can be affordable as long as you take the initial step of choosing the best financial aid. Do online schools offer scholarships and financial aid? The answer is absolutely yes!

Online schools grant scholarships and financial aids. However, many of them are hiding. The trick in order to win a free distance learning college scholarship is to know that they exist. Financial aids are very important sources of financial help for students who are eager to study but are unable to meet the financial demands of the traditional education. However, students who are enrolled in online nursing schools are also entitled to apply for financial aid packages and receive them if they are qualified.

All it takes to get financial aid is to do some research and get information on how to apply for it. Financial aids are made available for students, especially those who are taking a nursing degree from an online nursing school. FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Students Aid is a form prepared every year by current and potential college students to determine their eligibility for financial aid.

Many scholarships are also available for students who are taking a nursing degree online in order to encourage people to enter field of nursing. The government also offer scholarships and grants in order to alleviate the increasing shortage of nurses. You can learn how to get free money from your nursing school if you do a little research. Uncovering funding sources will help you become free from financial worries. This will let you dedicate all your efforts to studying.

For more information on do online schools offer scholarships and financial aids, visit

What Type of Nursing Program Is Best?

Those who want to have a career in nursing may ask "what type of nursing program is best?" the best nursing program is Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. It is among the highest paid nursing jobs, making even higher salaries than other physicians. However, their high salary also reflects their high responsibility. In addition to prescribing and administering medications, ARNPs are also allowed to perform physical examinations and follow-up patients. Thus, they are usually in high demand. In order to become an ARNP and be one of the highest paid nurses, you need to follow the five basic steps below.

1. You need to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing which requires a coursework in chemistry, pathology, nurse competency skills, microbiology, anatomy, and health assessment. BSN is a usual prerequisite for an advanced registered nurse program. However, if you want to be a nurse anaesthesiologist which is an ARNP designation, you can earn a degree from related degrees such as chemistry, pharmacology, or biology.

2. Then, you should get a license to practice as a registered nurse in the state you wish to work. You need to demonstrate a good moral character and pass the criminal background check as well. You also need to pass the national licensure exam administered by the National Council of State Board of Nursing which is computer-based and multiple-choice. The exam can be taken for only five hours.

3. Lastly, you need to work for at least one year in an acute care setting in the physician office, clinic, emergency room, or critical care unit. Acceptance to one of the specialties such as anaesthesia usually requires working experience in nursing.

If someone asks you "what type of nursing is best?", you can confidently say advanced practice nursing for it does not only allow you to earn more money, but also lets you work autonomously. For more information about nursing degree online, visit

Licensed Vocational (or Practical) Nurse Career Profile

Salary: $40,380 / year or $19.42/ hr*
Job Outlook: 22% (The average growth rate for all occupations is 14%.)
Education Requirement: 1 year

Working under the direction of nurses and physicians, Licensed Vocational Nurses provide basic bedside treatment to patients. An LVN is an incredibly important link between the doctor, clinical nurse and the patient offering ongoing communication and constant awareness of comfort and reaction to treatment plans. This job requires both physical and mental endurance as much of the day is spent on foot, actively caring for patients and being completely alert ready to assist physicians with patient data on the fly.

Duties may include:
  • Recording vital signs
  • Assisting with patient hygiene
  • Administering medication
  • Observe and assist with feedings
  • Communicate treatment plan details to patient and their family
  • Supervise nursing aides
Once an LVN gains experience, they can choose to work in a specialty field such and work in medical units such as the ICU or neonatal care.

Where to work
The employment options for LVN's are broad making it important for job seekers to fully research each type of facility before applying as the hours required and intensity level can vary dramatically between facilities. Some of the top employment choices  include hospitals, private medical offices, long-term care locations, local health departments, U.S. military or in schools.

Education Requirements
To become a vocational nurse, a one-year course at a community college or technical school is required followed by passing a state-issued exam to obtain a license. Once the classroom portion is completed, local hospitals offer approved clinical training. Once an LVN begins work, many choose to progress to become a Registered Nurse through an LVN-to-RN bridge program. This transition allows the nurse new opportunities for career choices and increased salary.