Pediatric Home Health Care for Children

Children are some of the most fragile medical patients, requiring specialized care and a healthcare professional who understands the needs of the child, as well as the family caring for a sick, injured or disabled child. With advances in medicine, many of the medical issues that would keep a child in a hospital or clinical setting are becoming easier to treat at home. However, these treatments still require the presence of a trained medical professional. Pediatric Home Health Care nurses are key providers of medical services, treatment, education and more for children with medical issues that are well enough to be cared for in the safety of their own homes.

Pediatric Home Health Care nurses are skilled nurses that have the education and training needed to perform routine medical treatments on children. These nurses are charged with medical care including infusion therapy, naso and gastric feeding, ventilator and tracheotomy care, oxygen therapy, medicine administration and monitoring and more. Pediatric Home Health Care nurses also monitor the wellbeing of a child at home who is receiving physical or occupational therapy services, as well as serve as a mediator between the parents or caregivers of the child and any doctors, physicians or treatment managers.

Additionally, a Pediatric Home Health Care nurse acts as an educator and case manager within the family unit surrounding the child in need. Understanding the concerns and emotions that surround a child facing an injury, illness or disability, a Pediatric Home Health Care nurse is the main source of information and comfort these families need. By using the education and skills gained through a degree in nursing and experience with pediatrics, these nurses ensure the best possible care is given to the most delicate members of society, as well as their families, friends, caregivers and loved ones.

For nurses interested in becoming a Pediatric Home Health Care nurse, a solid education is key. Pediatric Home Health Care nurses must have RN-level licensure, as well as experience in pediatrics and home health care, including technology and case management. Pediatric Home Health Care nurses make an average salary of around $60,000 annually.

Pediatric Home Health Care nurses provide in-home medical care and treatment to children who have suffered an injury, faced with a disability or battling a disease. With strong hearts and the medical expertise needed to help these children grow and flourish, Pediatric Home Health Care nurses are giving a better quality of life to children and families everywhere.