The State of Nursing Training in 2012

Due to consumer demand, most college nursing programs are currently being offered online. Over the past several years, there have been thousands of people who have decided to change career paths. Based on a recent survey, the top three career changing choices have been education, business and nursing. The number of individuals who have chosen nursing as a new career has risen by twenty percent since June 2011.

Many human resource experts speculate that these changes are due to people getting fed up with their old jobs and wanting to find a career that offered more excitement. That is one thing you can definitely say about the nursing field, and that is there is something very exciting always going on.

Due to the growing number of people entering the nursing field, there has been a significant increase in new nursing programs and schools. In cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix for example, individuals seeking nursing degrees are enrolling at schools which recently launched new programs such as Kaplan University Online, Anna Maria College, Sacred Heart University and also American Sentinel University Online. All these schools have excellent online programs which offer students a great learning experience and convenience. Having access to a school that offers flexible online courses is what a large number of people are seeking today. This includes those who want to start a new career as a registered nurse or a nursing case manager.

In addition to traditional college nursing programs there are now also several schools that offer accelerated nursing degree courses. These accelerated courses are designed to help students earn their certification in half the time it takes to earn a traditional nursing degree. Most individuals who enroll in these accelerated courses are generally people who already work in the nursing field, who are seeking additional training in order to apply for a higher paying job.

In addition, there are also many hospitals today which will pay the tuition cost for some of their select employees to enroll in these programs, in order to help reduce the current nursing shortage. Several of the schools currently offering accelerated nursing programs include South University, Herzing University, Grand Canyon University, the University of St. Mary and also Independence University Online. In most cases, these accelerated programs last between twelve and eighteen months. This is significantly shorter than traditional nursing programs, which typically last between three and four years. The job outlook for the nursing field is very positive, which includes increasing job opportunities at many major community hospitals.