The Duties of a Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses play an essential role in the healthcare of children from birth to late teens. Pediatric nurses are responsible for performing a wide range of care and procedures that assist in the treatment of a child’s health. They are familiar with examining both a child’s physical body as well as the mental body and are able to treat or arrange treatment according to the child’s particular needs. Pediatric nurses have a strong understanding of illness, disease prevention and strive to promote a life full of health for children.

A pediatric nursing degree is a highly respected sought after career which requires proper schooling and state licensing. Many nursing schools require at least an associate’s degree to obtain a pediatric nursing degree. Many pediatric nurses choose to further their education with a bachelor’s degree or decide to pursue a master’s degree in nursing. There is an extensive growth potential available to pediatric nurses who achieve more education and gain more experience. Opportunities such as managerial positions to more specialist positions are achievable with the fulfilled industry requirements.

A pediatric nurse has compassion for children and in many instances needs a great deal of patience for the most uncooperative of patients. On a daily basis, pediatric nurses will see and treat for infections of all kinds, development issues, minor issues and major issues. A pediatric nurse needs to be able to treat the smallest of scrapes to the worst of injuries all while holding their composure and maintaining an incredible amount of compassion and trust.

There are many types of pediatric nursing options available. A pediatric nursing degree will prepare a nurse to further their roles as a staff nurse, nurse manager, case managers, advanced practitioner and many other respectable roles that are required by the healthcare field. Some pediatric nurses choose to help their patients outside of a clinical or hospital setting by working in the school systems, working as camp nurses and many pediatric nurses even travel from house to house treating their patients in a less traditional route. There are many viable possibilities open to pediatric nurses who have obtained the education and experience required for each type of position.

Now is a great time to become a pediatric nurse. The healthcare industry has reported a lack of nurses in many states; with healthcare becoming more readily available it will be a career that will last. A pediatric nursing career will touch the lives of children and their families and may possibly save the life a child.