Nursing in the Military or Private Sector

Earning a bachelors degree in nursing can open the door to a lot of job options and career opportunities. In the past, most nursing degree graduates sought out jobs at public county hospitals and private medical facilities. In more recent years however, the field of nursing has expanded into other areas such as the military and the private business sector.

In today's competitive job market, having a degree in fields like nursing can help increase the chance of getting a job. It is for this reason that so many unemployed people today are enrolling in local nursing schools and online colleges. Some of the bachelor degree nursing courses currently being offered include registered nursing, vocational nursing and nursing administration.

Depending upon the course selected, the programs can range from twenty four to thirty six months. Some of the core topics and subjects taught in these courses include, understanding the relationship between a specific disease and its symptoms, techniques for diagnosing symptoms, understanding how some diseases can mimic each other, effective ways to gather patient medical histories and related data, and also courses that outline and highlight the legal aspects of being a professional nurse. Because nurses frequently deal with so many complex medical and patient situations, it is very important that they perform their job within the law and also understand all the needed qualifications and requirements to receive their certification.

In terms of job opportunities, many can be found in various branches of the military. These include nursing positions that involve treating injured military personnel who are currently serving in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Although these positions often require a lot of travel, they also provide great military benefits and also an opportunity to see many parts of the world. In terms of nursing related opportunities in the private business sector, some of these are with insurance companies, risk management firms, and also corporate medical training companies. Some of the work involved consists of overseeing medical claim decisions, risk management assessment, and also establishing medical office procedures.

From a financial standpoint, this is a great time to enroll in an online bachelor degree nursing program. This is because there are currently hundreds of educational grants still available from the government stimulus package. In some cases these grants pay one hundred percent of online tuition cost. In 2011, some of the leading nursing program schools were Agrosy University, The College Network, and South University of Nursing.