LPN Degree Programs

Licensed Practical Nursing Program, also known as Licensed Vocational Nursing Program is a great way for you to start earning in a very short period of 12 to 15 months. After completing the course, you would be required to perform similar duties as performed by a Registered Nurse. However, because of the lesser time devoted to educational program, the remuneration is slightly on the lower side in comparison.

How do I become a LPN?
In order to start working as a LPN, first you need to complete the LPN/ LVN program. This can be done in as less as 12 to 15 months. Then you would need to pass the national licensing exam, which is administered by the state.

What does the Future hold?
Since you can start earning in as less as 12 months, the program offers a chance to become self reliant in a short span of time. In case you are interested in studying further, you can always take up an online RN or BSN course while performing your duties during the working hours.

LPN Program Course Structure
Some of the course content includes medical terminology, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, foundations of nursing care, adult health nursing and pharmacology among others.

Job Responsibilities

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, you would be required to perform a number of duties including:
• Collecting health information of the patient
• Keep a close eye on the vital signs
• Preparing injections
• Delivering injections
• Taking care of personal hygiene of the patients
• Collection of samples
• Interacting with patients and family members in relation to healthy living and habits
• Supervising nursing assistants

You can find a job at a number of different health care facilities including hospitals, nursing care service, physician office and home health care agencies to name a few.

The Earnings
Based on a number of different factors, the salary might vary a lot. However, the median salary is of the order of $40,380.

Should I opt for RN or LPN?
This is one of most commonly asked question when it comes to nursing as a profession. The decision must be taken after careful considerations of a number of different factors and the correct one may differ from person to person.

• Time: The time required to complete the course is one year in case of LPN while two to four years in case of RN
• Requirements: Meeting the requirements to take up a course is much easier in case of LPN
• Remuneration: RN offers a much better salary as compared to LPN course
• Position: RN offers a better managerial position as compared to LPN

Further Studies
In case you chose a LPN, you can take up LPN to RN bridge course in case you are interested in studying further and seeking a better position in the organization. Depending on the above points, in case you are not sure if nursing is the right field for you or if you have financial issues, LPN is the better alternate. However, if you are more interested in starting your career from a little higher position with better remuneration and are prepared to wait for more time to complete the course, then RN is the better alternate.