Guide to Online Schools for Nursing

For the past year, online colleges for nursing have seen the largest student growth increase in regions like the UK, Italy, Canada and the United States. In the UK for example, there has been a significant increase in online student enrollment from this same time last year in 2011. One of the reasons for this increase is due to more individuals wanting to switch to totally new careers.

In earlier times, most people started their nursing training in their early twenties or right out of high school. Today however, a large number of nursing students are men and women over the age of forty, who are in desperate need of a total career change. In some cases, these career changes were due to a lay off, and in other instances it was simply a personal career choice. Some of the most popular online nursing courses today are forensic nursing, legal nursing consulting, licensed practical nursing, home health nursing care, registering nursing, geriatric nursing and health administration.

In terms of job opportunities, many nursing graduates today are opting to work in more non-traditional environments such as home health care businesses, medical research laboratories, and medical related governmental agencies. The salary range for these types of jobs ranges from forty two to fifty seven thousand dollars a year. In addition to these jobs, there are also many graduates today who have found employment working in the risk management department of large insurance companies and business corporations. In terms of salaries, those working for private entities like business corporations and insurance companies generally earn higher salaries then those who work in research facilities and hospitals. Although salaries can vary based on years of experience and professional certification, most earn between fifty five to eighty five thousand dollars per year. This salary also includes paid healthcare benefits and profit sharing.

Some of the course topics featured in many of today's online nursing programs include identifying acute illnesses, disease prevention, home healthcare procedures, how to care for terminally ill patients, introductory courses on the latest medical technology, how to operate medical equipment, and also how to safely administer patient vaccines and medications.

Based on a survey conducted in 2011, the most popular online colleges for nursing were Keiser University, Harrison College, University of Phoenix, Grand Canyon University, Walden University, Kaplan University Online and the Stratford Career Institute. In addition, most of these schools also offer a wide variety of student loan and tuition grant programs.