What Type of Nursing Program Is Best?

Those who want to have a career in nursing may ask "what type of nursing program is best?" the best nursing program is Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. It is among the highest paid nursing jobs, making even higher salaries than other physicians. However, their high salary also reflects their high responsibility. In addition to prescribing and administering medications, ARNPs are also allowed to perform physical examinations and follow-up patients. Thus, they are usually in high demand. In order to become an ARNP and be one of the highest paid nurses, you need to follow the five basic steps below.

1. You need to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing which requires a coursework in chemistry, pathology, nurse competency skills, microbiology, anatomy, and health assessment. BSN is a usual prerequisite for an advanced registered nurse program. However, if you want to be a nurse anaesthesiologist which is an ARNP designation, you can earn a degree from related degrees such as chemistry, pharmacology, or biology.

2. Then, you should get a license to practice as a registered nurse in the state you wish to work. You need to demonstrate a good moral character and pass the criminal background check as well. You also need to pass the national licensure exam administered by the National Council of State Board of Nursing which is computer-based and multiple-choice. The exam can be taken for only five hours.

3. Lastly, you need to work for at least one year in an acute care setting in the physician office, clinic, emergency room, or critical care unit. Acceptance to one of the specialties such as anaesthesia usually requires working experience in nursing.

If someone asks you "what type of nursing is best?", you can confidently say advanced practice nursing for it does not only allow you to earn more money, but also lets you work autonomously. For more information about nursing degree online, visit http://www.mynursingdegree.com/.