What Can I Expect from a RN to BSN Program?

While there are many financial incentives in place for aspiring nurses to begin work as a registered nurse, taking the step to become qualified as an RN is only the first step in a long and rewarding medical career. Due to the shortage of nurses in the medical sector, many colleges - both online and offline - offer focused fast-track degrees that can be obtained in a relatively short amount of time. These degrees, often 'associates degrees', are used to fill more job openings and provide a more efficient level of service in the medical industry. This makes sense for the industry, but not necessarily the individual.

Should a registered nurse with an associate’s degree choose to expand on their career path and branch out into other areas of the medical world, they may find that beyond employing registered nurses with fast-track degrees, many hospitals will not consider applicants for advanced positions who do not own a bachelors degree.

It is for this reason that a basic but helpful program is in place to allow registered nurses with skills to obtain their BA without having to start from scratch. This eliminates the fears that many nurses have that there simply isn't the time to advance their career. Now, many nurses are now opting to fast track RN to BSN by choosing a reputable school and working in the hours that suits their work and personal schedule.

After completion of a fast track RN to BSN program, a registered nurse will be able to not only advance their career into other professional limbs of the medical industry, but will have a highly sought after nursing qualification that will allow them to transfer or apply for a range of nursing opportunities all over the country, and indeed, all over the world. Hospitals with a higher level of care are statistically more likely to employ nurses with a bachelor’s degree as it displays a certain level of dedication to the profession of nursing, and with that comes a more competitive salary.

With recent dialogue about the reshaping of the medical industry coming to the forefront of the political landscape, there has even been talk that nurses may be obligated by law to complete an RN to BSN program. Should this come to pass, it will be the already-prepared that will be in higher demand than ever before. Registered nursing offers job security like no other position, so it only makes sense to preserve those lucrative skills.