How to go from an LVN to RN online

For those interested in earning an advanced nursing degree, you can now go from being a LVN to RN in a matter of months. Because of the increasing number of nursing schools offering online LVN to RN courses, it is now much easier to become a registered nurse. This new option has helped to increase overall nursing school enrollment by almost forty five percent.

One of the reasons many licensed vocational nurses (LVN's) want to become registered nurses (RN's), is because the position pays a higher salary and provides much more opportunities. In the past, when a person wanted to advance from being a licensed vocational nurse to a registered nurse, it required going to an actual school after a full day of work, or quitting their current job and going to school full time. Now however, those who want to become a registered nurse can easily enroll online.

There are several online registered nursing degree programs currently available today, which includes a bachelors and masters degree program. Some of the training involved includes learning the latest medical terminology and also how to use the latest medical equipment. Much of the medical equipment used by registered nurses today requires having some experience and knowledge of computers and mobile technology. In regards to medical terminology, registered nurses today are also required to keep up to date on this so they will be in compliance with the new healthcare laws.

In terms of selecting a school, some that currently offer nursing degree programs over the internet include The College Network, South University Online, Walden University, King College, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Ashworth College, Lincoln Technical Institute, American Sentinel University Online, and the University of Phoenix. In terms of employment, many of these schools also provide job placement assistance. In addition, many also offer internship programs, which provide students the ability to meet prospective employers and develop on the job experience. Depending upon the type of degree you are seeking, you can go from being a licensed vocational nurse to a registered nurse in about twelve to eighteen months.

In terms of salary, most registered nurses today make between sixty thousand and seventy five thousand dollars per year. The low to mid range salaries are generally for nurses who work in local community hospitals, while the higher range salaries are earned by nurses who work for themselves or specialty doctors. The demand for registered nurses is highest in states like Georgia, California and Texas. As you can see from the above, there are a lot of online LVN to RN courses currently available.