Fast Track RN to BSN

Studies reveal that the Registered Nurses occupy most nursing positions in the industry. However, with the passage of time, the competition has increased many folds in the job market. If you do not have a bachelor's degree, you would certainly have a disadvantage when it comes to job search, irrespective of the work experience. Employers prefer those with a bachelor's degree in the modern times.

Upgrading to BSN not only offers better job prospects but also provides you with a chance to go in for higher studies. However, if four years to complete the course seems too much, you can always go in for a fast track RN to BSN. The course can be completed in 12 to 18 months and offers the same value as the four-year one.

Requirements to Take up Fast Track RN to BSN

In order to take up the accelerated RN to BSN course, you need to present a document proof of 1000 hours of practice in a health care setting ranging over a period of three years before the filing of application.

The demand of qualified nurses is surely on the rise simply because of the increase in number of healthcare settings.

Is it Right for You?
Whether the program is right for you vary from individual to individual and a careful analysis of some of the points can help you reach to a conclusion. The advantages include:

• Better job opportunities including a higher paycheck and better position in the organization awaits you after the completion of the course.
• The program is completed in a much shorter span and offers you the same advantages as a normal one.

Probably the only disadvantage related to the program is that since it is completed in a much lesser duration of time, it puts a lot of pressure on the students. The time lines are strict and you are required to put some efforts to complete the course.

The Options
A number of different schools offer the accelerated RN to BSN course and you can select one as per your convenience. A few websites including provides information about the course and various schools offering the same. You can also choose to complete the program online. This would provide you the option of setting the study hours as per your convenience. You would also be able to earn a living while you study to get a bachelor's degree.