Choosing a Career you Love - Nursing

The uniquely fulfilling and challenging world of nursing is one that sees its practitioners devoting so much time to the patients under their care that little time may be left for themselves. Great satisfaction may be derived from fulfilling this important service to society, but to the individual practitioner who wants to further their career an advanced online nursing degree might seem unobtainable because of the time commitments of both work and family. The reality is that there really is no better time than now for a current RN to obtain an online nursing degree because of its overall efficacy in one’s career combined with the extreme scheduling ease of doing coursework remotely, on one’s own time. There is no need to forgo continuing education while still being a practicing RN.

An RN who is passionate about the field and seeks a greater variety of opportunities within the profession may want to look into acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. BSNs will find they have many doors opened to them. This is the minimum recommended level of education for individuals who wish to future-proof their careers in nursing, because of possible impending changes in requirements for RNs. The degree provides the student with the knowledge and skillset necessary to tackle the ever-growing demands of leading fellow staff in a world of increasing medical complexity. In addition to opening up immediate possible career options, the BSN also allows for the student to further their education through a Master of Science in Nursing, or MSN.

It should be noted that the MSN involves post-graduate education for those interested in research and education roles in addition to a more diverse set of practitioner specialties. MSN degrees are available online, with the only prerequisites being a BSN and four years of practice in the field. The degree can be custom-tailored to the individual RN’s core goals, with advanced coursework ranging from specialties such as pediatric, psychiatric, neonatal, and more. MSN holders are able to become nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and more.

An interesting note about the MSN is that although there are current MSN holders engaging in fields such as anesthesiology, the requirements will eventually be raised to where all anesthesiology RNs will have to hold a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, or DNP. The DNP is for individuals seeking to become primary care practitioners. This is the equivalent of the doctoral title that other science fields may have.

Although these are the most popular degrees being obtained by RNs today, there are numerous other courses for RNs that want to continue their education by getting an advanced online nursing degree, as well as other degrees for those wishing to become RNs or Licensed Practical Nurses (LNP).