Career Prospects from Forensic Nursing Programs

The idea of becoming involved in the field of criminal justice is an enticing and exciting prospect that has been made glamorous by the likes of TV shows such as CSI. While the reality may not quite have the same arcs and plot twists with such frequent consistency, a career in forensic nursing is still considered one of the most exciting and rewarding careers that one can undertake in the medical industry. After considering the correct and suitable forensic nursing programs, and finishing the degree, this is what the newly qualified forensic nurse can expect. A forensic nurse can expect to find work not just in the labs of a hospital, but also in multiple areas of law enforcement such as the police or even the FBI; highly skilled forensic nurses can also be highly sought after by independent contractors and are often paid very well.

Forensic nursing is far more hands-on than the title might imply - should the nurse choose to work in the most traditional role as a forensic nurse, they will be called to the scene not just to collect blood and hair samples, but to also administer treatment should that be necessary. This role is a high pressured but extremely rewarding career that can enable a qualified, skilled nurse to be at the very heart of a crime or accident investigation and deliver justice to those that truly deserve it. It is a career that should not be taken lightly, but the fast-paced work environment means that even a newly employed nurse, fresh out of a forensic nursing program, will quickly develop experience and new skills on the job.

In terms of financial compensation, forensic nurses are some of the best paid nurses in the medical industry. A newly employed forensic nurse could theoretically begin at a starting salary of $55k which can grow exponentially with experience and skill type. With adequate experience, forensic nurses will also enjoy the luxury of being able to seek employment from independent firms and can find themselves earning a substantial 5 figure salary.

Deciding upon which medical field to study and commit to is a task that requires a great deal of thought and consideration. However, very few medical careers offer quite the same level of thrills and personal satisfaction than a career in forensic nursing. From studying to real work experience, this is a career that continues to expand and offer something unique to every potential newcomer.