Access to Pediatric Nursing

When it comes to taking up a degree course in pediatric nursing, there are quite a few degrees that are available for undergoing this study. By choosing a pediatric nursing degree, one has the opportunity to work in different types of health organizations such as private hospitals, public health centers with child blocks and child specialty centers. It is however a highly sought-after field so the competition is high, therefore educational qualifications play a big part in landing a role within this specific discipline. Some of the degrees that could be taken for consideration include a Bachelor of Science in Health Science or a BS in Nursing; indeed there are now many ways to get into the field.

A Bachelor of Science in Health Science is a program that has been designed for students to gain a complete overview of the health care management system, including the child health care management system. The program focuses on the health care services that are provided in community nursery health care centers and the private nursery and private health care centers. Some of the main subjects that are taught during this bachelor degree course include biology, physiology and anatomy.

A BS in Nursing is one of the main requirements that need to be satisfied for a career in pediatric nursing. Pediatric nursing degrees equip the student with all the required knowledge required to perform pediatric nursing functions in a professional manner. One can take up this degree course either by joining a college campus or through an online provider.

Some of the subjects that are studied as part of the degree course include professional nursing practice, theories and models of nursing practice, health care communication, health and disease management, healthy assessment, statistical applications, evidence-based nursing research and practice, health communities, theory and practice, epidemiology – local and global, health law and ethics and health informatics.

One can also take a Master of Science in Nursing with a pediatric nurse practitioner specialization. In order to take up this Master Degree in nursing, one has to have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and be a registered Nurse Licensure (RN). This masters degree is usually a 2 to 3 year program. After completing the MS in Nursing, one can take a pediatric nurse practitioner certificate exam. This program usually takes 1 to 2 years to complete. Students with a graduate or a post graduate degree in Nursing are eligible to take the certification exam.