Pay For Nurses

Nursing as a career provides you with a number of different options to choose from along with an attractive pay package. In addition, choosing a nursing career is by no means a difficult task. The pay scale varies in accordance with the nursing job. The important point to consider here is that you may wish to strike a balance among the pay and the job responsibilities. You do not want to opt for one which pays a lot but is not as per your liking. In addition, you would not want to choose one that is as per your liking but does not pay that high. A number of jobs require work experience and you may have to wait for some time to get one as per your liking.

Nurse Educator

The field of nurse educator is booming in the modern times. There is an acute shortage of trained nurses in the country and to fulfill the demand, nursing instructors are required. The job is also a lucrative one. It is a perfect choice for those who have hands on experience in their field and like passing on the information to others. In addition to young graduates, even the experienced ones may wish to upgrade their education level by doing a small course while they work. The average annual salary is around $71,000.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

In case you are more interested in the legal part and understands the details of the nursing sector, the CLNC may by the best career option for you. The lawyers do not understand the terminology related to medical science and take the help of a CLNC when a case arrives. The average annual salary is around $62,000.

Neonatal Nurse

In case you like taking care of the young babies and the newborn, this is the perfect option for you to consider. A Neonatal nurse takes care of the premature or sick baby. They are also the communication point between the doctors and the parents of the baby. The average annual salary is around $74,000.

Nurse Anesthetics

The job is one of the highest paying options and you can earn a yearly salary of around $144,000. However, you would need to invest some time in learning the specialty of the field by attending the college. The specialty relates to the administration of anesthesia.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are those who provide the basic medical care. The average annual salary is around $78,000.