Patient Advocate

Patient advocates are those who take upon the responsibility of representing the client and helping them in sorting out their issues. A few examples of these issues may include dealing with doctors, medical bills and insurance companies. The job of a patient advocate is a perfect choice for those who like resolving issues and helping people.

Patient Advocates understand the working of the healthcare system including the paperwork and other related aspects like the insurance claiming and helps the relatives of the patients complete the procedures. They keep themselves updated about the latest laws and policies related to the field.

Types of Patient Advocates

The three type of patient advocates include

Hospital based patient advocate: The role of the professional ensures that your stay in the hospital is comfortable and hassle free. The responsibilities range from taking care of insurance claims to repairing of a damaged television in your room. The role of the professional ends once your stay gets over.

Privately hired patient advocate: The private advocate takes up the same role as hospital based advocate. The only difference is that his duty does not end once you leave the hospital.

Volunteer: the volunteer may be a family member, a friend or even a person from a health advocacy organization like the American cancer society.

The Roles

The roles of the advocate includes
  • Mediator
  • Health educator
  • Insurance advocate
  • Counselor
  • Researcher
  • Communication specialist

A patient advocate can simply be a great option to consider. He can take up all your responsibilities including the insurance claims, medical bills and reduction of treatment errors to name a few. He can be a great aid in getting rid of stress, helps you spend some quality time with the patient and lets you concentrate on some more important issues demanding attention.

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