Travel Nursing

Travel Nursing provides registered nurses with the opportunity to travel and work at the same time. A wide variety of short term assignments are given in specific locations - both local and international. Travel nurses may find work in various health care settings. However, the majority of job opportunities for these specialized nurses are still in the hospitals. Agencies screen and hire registered nurses as travel nurses and place them in temporary positions.

Applying as a travel nurse usually entails a lot of paperwork. This includes completion of work history, skill assessments of your specialty, current physical exam and blood work, certificate of fitness from a physician, verification of certificate and licenses, employment application, and other documents required by the agency. This paperwork only needs to be completed per agency. Some agencies accept paperwork completed for other agencies. The information provided is summarized by the agency such as the traveler's skills, experience, and credentials. These are referred to as profile.

There are a number of benefits that travel nursing offers. Agencies that hire travel nurses provide a number of perks that may include free board and lodging. Other benefits included are free travel expenses and competitive salaries. Agencies also offer full benefit packages and bonus structures in a lot of cases.

Nurses who have underwent specialized training and education may apply for travel nursing jobs. However, the most in demand specializations are trauma, intensive care, cardiology and emergency care. Since travel nurses are sent to local and international places, it is important that the registered nurse is skilled in emergency care. The assignments of a travel nurse ranges from a few weeks to several months. The period of time that he will be working depends on the needs of the particular facility he is working with.

The job outlook of travel nursing is admirable. Occupational opportunities in this field of nursing are expected to increase at a rate higher than usual.