Case Management

Over the past few decades, the nursing field has dramatically changed. The demand for nurses increased and a number of new positions have been created. One of the new positions in the field of nursing is case manager. Case management entails a lot of responsibilities. In order to attain the position, one must ear certifications. Although it is not the most highly paid nursing position, it is still one of the most in-demand nursing positions at the present time.

Case management prepares nurses in a medical aspect as well as the social worker concern for the welfare of the patients. It involves admissions and outline planning of the continuous care for patients who need regular visitation regimen. It is needed in hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies and hospices. Other RN case workers also work as consultants for health insurance companies.

A RN case manager must graduate from an accredited school of nursing. He or she must complete the requirements needed to get a registered nursing license by taking the state's board. At least one year of experience and employment in surgical, home health, critical care and medical agency is required. The case manager must also have a valid driver's license and can build excellent rapport with patients and other health care professionals. Other qualifications include high energy levels and strong work ethic.

Case management are practically needed everywhere since the field of nursing has greatly expanded compared to the previous years. At the present time, the average salary for a case manager is between 65,000 to 75,000 dollars. Due to high demands in hospice case managers, this specialization is near the top scale of the highest paid RN case workers. Case managers often make a minimum of 75,000 dollars annually.

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