Nurse Practitioner Career Benefits

When it comes to providing  well-rounded treatment and care to those facing illness or injury, or educating the public about how to live longer and avoid health problems, a nurse practitioner can be a solution within the ever-concerning shortage of medical service providers. Nurse practitioners can give patients the knowledge and security that any and all health concerns are being treated, while providing support to those concerned with personal health issues or those affecting friends, family members and loved ones.

A nurse practitioner is able to work within the medical field as a blend of physician and nurse. With the education provided through a Bachelor of Science in Nursing campus-based or online nursing program, nursing skills are mastered, and continue to grow through a Master of Science in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Practice program. The culmination of this education gives a nurse practitioner both the ability to provide the hands-on care of a nurse with the medical knowledge of a doctor, in many cases.

Nurse practitioners are able to specialize in many areas of medicine, including pediatrics and neonatology, gerontology, adult and family nursing and anesthesiology. These, and other concentrations, allow a nurse practitioner to diagnose, develop and treat patients with little to no supervision by a doctor or physician. The autonomy of a nurse practitioner can vary from state to state, but as more positions in healthcare need to be filled, the responsibilities of a nurse practitioner are growing, enabling many NP’s to establish independent practices.

Providing both the services of a physician and the care of a nurse takes an individual with a dedication to the health and wellness of others, plus the drive to succeed in a challenging career field. Nurse practitioners are some of the most highly-trained medical professionals around, and still maintain the supportive and friendly bedside manner that patients have grown to know and trust. Whether to fulfill career goals, to earn a high salary or just make a difference in the lives of others, nurse practitioners take nursing to a newer, better level of medical care.

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