Mentoring Ideas for the Student Nurse

Gaining experience in various nursing disciplines and concentrations can help a nursing school student stand out among the other applicants when searching for a job. Many hospitals, clinics and medical facilities are on the hunt for nursing school students who have completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, and have the experience outside of the classroom to back up the knowledge gained while in a campus-based or online nursing school program.

Facilities searching for a nursing school student are often looking to provide the on-the-job training a nurse needs, while receiving help from the student through the course of the mentorship. Forensic nursing students can apply at local law enforcement agencies for mentoring programs that teach about the different aspects of evidence collection and the delicate nature of handling traumatic situations. Home health nursing students have the ability to shadow other Travel, Geriatric or Pallative Care nurses throughout the day or night, providing medical care within patients’ homes.

For nursing school students seeking employment within informatics, administration or case management, many medical offices or hospital administration departments can offer the hands-on experience needed to understand the various strategies and technologies available within those disciplines. Nurse educators and nurse researchers can always inquire as to the student teaching and assistant policies within colleges and universities.

Nursing school students attending a program to help gain an RN certification, Nurse Practitioner license or Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree may find mentoring programs within the school attended, or through local hospitals, state health agencies, clinics or medical facilities.

Mentoring and shadowing can help a student nurse gain insight and experience into the practical nature of nursing as a career, whether on the floor of a hospital or as an assistant in an administrative function. These types of programs are not only beneficial to the establishment sponsoring the mentoring or shadowing, alleviating stress and strain on current staff, but can also provide a wealth of information that can only be learned outside of the classroom.

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