Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University

In the courtroom, there are different aspects to a trial that can help establish a suspect's motivation, or exonerate the suspect from an alleged crime. While the legal world is complex in its processes and procedures, the insight of professionals is always a welcome advantage over the typical courtroom question and answer dynamic that can often encourage more questions than answers. Many law enforcement agencies, whether local, state, or federal, are turning to these forensic psychology experts before a case goes to trial as a way to understand the mind of a suspect or a victim, as well as a mediator to help a victim process any alleged crimes. Forensic psychologists can also provide child custody evaluations, investigate abuse allegations or work within various social agencies as consultants, policy makers or as researchers.

Argosy University offers a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology degree online to students who have already achieved an undergraduate degree in psychology, criminal justice or any other related field and wish to further pursue an education and career in forensic psychology. This degree program is offered online in order to help students maintain any current occupational obligations while still allowing students the freedom to pursue educational goals. The Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University focuses on real-world expectations and skills including the epidemiology of mental and behavioral disorders, violence risk factors, criminality, profiling, psychological testing, criminal and civil law procedures, forensic treatment, professional standards, ethics and other related subjects.

For students who wish to practice as a forensic psychologist, the Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology is a strong foundation from which a PhD may be attained, allowing the student to practice as a forensic psychologist. With a Master of Arts degree, students are able to consult with attorneys, assist licensed psychologists, work with public policy and perform research. Many school systems will hire graduates with a Master of Arts degree as guidance and other counselors, and this particular job is seeing higher growth with the national attention focused on combating bullying in schools. Both psychologist and forensics jobs are predicted to see average growth over the next decade, with the majority of those jobs going to those who possess graduate-level degrees. The median salary for practicing forensic psychologists is around $84,000 while school counselors average $64,000 annually.

Careers in forensic can be some of the most interesting and ultimately helpful jobs for those who are interested in criminal justice or psychology. Professional forensic psychologists are able to help in the community, change laws and policies, and consult with attorneys or provide expert testimony in court. For the busy professional who wishes to pursue a graduate-level degree in psychology, one of the best options is the Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University online.

Argosy University

Argosy University

Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

As a MA in Forensic Psychology graduate student, you will gain the professional skills required to compete for titled roles such as: clinical psychologists, juvenile counselors, government agents, counselors, therapists, law enforcement agents and educators.

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Web Resources for Students in Online Nursing Programs and Medical Support Training

Nursing school is a demanding and challenging environment that requires time in class, in clinicals and study time. For any student in school to increase the knowledge and experience needed as a nurse or other medical support professional, the time required in a library or other study center may interfere with jobs or family obligations, creating a stressful environment that can work against a student's success. Online nursing programs and other resources are growing in popularity for those who have chosen to study in the medical area in order to enhance a current career or change a career path altogether.

For the student currently enrolled in an online nursing program, or even for those in a “brick and mortar” school, the online resources available are many. From websites like Elsevier which offers free resources, glossaries, and sample NCLEX questions to Lippincott's, offering journals and professional resources to current nurses as well as students, the opportunities to enhance textbook learning are increasing at an astounding pace. For the nursing student who may need some inspiration or commiseration because of the challenges of different programs, work-life balance or other concerns, there are a number of nurse blogs and forums to help provide support, encouragement and even help locate information needed for classes.

Medical assistants currently in training can find information at that covers curriculum, testing and other concerns about careers in medical assistance. IAFN provides information for those pursuing a degree or career in forensic nursing, while NAHC provides resources and support to those on the home health care career path.

There are also countless online nursing programs available to students wishing to increase knowledge and skills related to a current nursing position. These online nursing programs are also available to new students looking for a fresh start in a profession that gives back to the community. Most of the online nursing programs are flexible and provide a quality education that helps a busy person achieve any and all educational or career goals.

With the online availability of higher-education medical resources, a nursing or other medical professional student currently enrolled in an online nursing school or other medical training can easily find the support, resources and supplemental educational requirements needed to fully experience all that those career fields have to offer. The flexibility of the Internet and online websites devoted to the enhancement of nursing education and other medical professional training lends itself to the busy lives of students seeking more information than can be gained in a standard or online classroom setting. By getting an outside perspective, a student can not only break out of the mold of an online nursing program, traditional nursing school curriculum or medical professional training, but also find a tremendous amount of support and insight into each of those professions.

RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Colorado Technical University Online

The opportunities in the field of nursing are as diverse as the people who fill those roles. From specialties, places of employment, education levels, and location the world of nursing is an exciting and challenging place that makes a difference in the lives of others. For those who are already working as an RN, the opportunities to move into a broader range of specialties or jobs open up once a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is achieved, solidifying job security and increasing the interest by employers and medical professionals.

Colorado Technical University Online offers a RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Completion program that helps assist RNs obtain an academic degree. The program at Colorado Technical University Online is tailored to licensed RNs with an associate degree or an RN diploma in nursing to help them achieve their educational goals faster, and around life obligations. lists the average salary for those who possess a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree as around $66,000 anually. Once a Bachelor of Science in Nursing has been obtained, nurses are able to pursue specialized careers in areas like mental health care, critical and emergency room care, oncology, pulmonary care, geriatrics, pediatrics and obstetrics. Nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing can work in a hospital, medical clinics, nursing home or other medical establishments . Changes in the population of the country, including age concerns, as well as shifting theories in medical care are increasing the demand for medical professionals with the education and experience needed to fill these roles.


With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a RN can increase their skill set and background, as well as qualify for advanced training in other career specialties. The RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Degree Completion from Colorado Technical University Online helps nurses increase their education and career opportunities by offering its program online, helping enable those currently working as nurses or within the medical field achieve their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Best Locations for Nurses

Deciding to become a nurse is only one step on the path to a nursing career. A new nursing student must not only dedicate her or himself to the process of learning their craft, but also decide the best school, online nursing programs, specialization and level of education and training needed to achieve their nursing career goals. Once a student has achieved their educational goals and can finally begin looking for a job as a nurse, RN, LPN or even as a nurse educator, case manager or other nursing specialist, there can be one more consideration – which location is right for a nurse?

The factors that lead into a decision to relocate in a better area with more opportunity for growth in the nursing field are many. Family, of course, plays a big role in the decision to relocate, and many nurses are content to stay within their childhood towns in order to retain familial bonds. For the nursing student who is more career-focused, considerations beyond family and friends can take precedence over social bonds, leading to a career choice based on salary potential and the opportunities for growth in different locations.

The salary paid to a Registered Nurse can vary by region and type of employment. For instance, RNs who work in schools make less money than those employed by hospitals. In terms of locations, there are different considerations aside from salary that can make or break a job offer. Cost of living is the inflated value of groceries, clothing, utilities and housing that varies by the location. Most metropolitan cities with a large population have a higher cost of living, so while the salary may be higher, the actual costs of living in the area can affect the total compensation offered. Cities like New York, New York may offer a higher salary (an average of $53,093 - $76,498) but the cost of rent and the value of the living space reduces that number significantly while areas like Atlanta, Georgia offer a salary range of $45,662 - $65,638 along with a lower cost of living. Smaller cities, like Oklahoma City, Oklahoma have an advantage over both of these areas as no location will be unaffected by the nursing shortage.

With all of the decisions to make in regards to a nursing career, the location of the hospital or other medical facility in which the nurse in employed can make the difference in career satisfaction, opportunities for growth and the types of nursing specialties to pursue. After weighing all options, a student interested in relocating to a new area can have not only a new idea about what is their best career plan, but even learn the best locations in which to pursue their nursing career goals.

Walden University Ph.D. in Public Health

Public health is more than the study and implementation of food, environmental or infectious disease controls, but can be a rewarding industry that helps the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the average citizen, community, region or country. Those who work in the Public Health areas are tasked with solving health crises such as a flu epidemic to legal, administrative, research and social work within communities. The career opportunities for Public Health workers are varied, and each has an important impact on the population at large.

Walden University offers a Ph.D. in Public Health in order to meet the needs of graduate students who wish to pursue a higher level of education in the Public Health field. Those with this top-level degree from an accredited college or university are able to perform tasks within the administration and policy-making areas of this career field, teach others or have the ability to conduct research based upon original ideas and proposals. Some of the job titles associated with a Ph.D. in Public Health are Health Services Analyst, Health Communications Specialist, Professor or Research Analyst.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that Public Health Social Workers, or those who work within the populations facing chronic illnesses like AIDS, Alzheimer’s, or cancer, will see a dramatic increase in the jobs available due to the influences of the healthcare industry and its need for more workers. With these same changes, the opportunities for Public Health workers interested in the legal and public policy aspect of the industry will also open up, making the Public Health industry a secure and smart choice for those looking for a stable career with plenty of oppportunity for advancement. The online Ph.D. in Public Health from Walden University can help those currently working in Public Health reach their career goals in a more flexible environment. Plus, the more individualized approach to this degree from Walden University may help reach those goals faster than a standard academic program.

The Ph.D. in Public Health from Walden University offers a focus on community health, including medical, political, and economic factors, combines academic theory with practical expertise, features respected scholars and practitioners in the field and provides faculty mentors to provide support through the various academic tracks in community health promotion and education or epidemiology.

As the population continues to age, and more and more diseases and public health issues become concerning, the need for qualified and expert public health professionals will increase. Programs that provide a diverse education in Public Health are always in demand, from social workers to legal experts and policy makers. If the mental, emotional and physical well-being of a community or area is important to the quality of life, then those with the experience in Public Health can make a great difference in how that community lives.

Medical Support Positions and Careers

Careers in the healthcare field are growing at a rapid pace. From the nursing shortage to medical professionals in all areas of healthcare, jobs within the field are opening up at an astounding pace to accomodate not only the aging population, but also to increase the availability of employees with hands-on knowledge of computers and other technology. These medical support positionscan include jobs such as medical assistants, medical technicians, telehealth device operators, medical coders, medical records administrators, nurse assistants and the support staff within offices, clinics and administrative departments in hospitals.

Most career experts attribute the growth in the medical field to the current and forecasted medical needs of the Baby Boomer generation. This generation's age is a two-fold issue as many people are reaching an age in which more medical care is needed as well as an age at which retirement from the medical profession is imminent. The jobs that are opening up because of the healthcare demand and retirement of the Boomers are numerous. Plus, with medical records, research and other concerns becoming more prominently digital and computerized, those armed with the latest education and skills are needed to fill these roles more than ever.

Medical support positions and careers are a vastly important part of good medical care. Physicians, doctors, nurses and researchers all need adept and intelligent assistants in order to help keep data organized, patient records updated and keep offices, hospitals and other medical facilities running efficiently. The ability to keep accurate and updated records not only helps a practice run, but also helps with insurance companies and any legal considerations that may come about due to medical treatments. Those who understand the important role of administrative medical work are able to take advantage of these trends, and since medical care will always be needed, establishing a career in the medical support field is a smart and secure career move.

Medical support personnel can also do more than paperwork and office management and administration. Many medical assistants also perform basic medical procedures from evaluating blood pressure and vital statistics within a medical office to assisting a nurse or doctor with running medical tests or assisting in more hands-on medical procedures. Medical assistants help bridge the gap between patients and medical staff, bringing a level of understanding and empathy that can otherwise be missing in a busy office or medical establishment.

Because of the shortage of qualified medical professionals like nurses or physician's assistants, many opportunities are opening up for medical support staff. While the Baby Boomer population continues to require medical treatment, those interested in the medical field are able to take advantage of the growth in this field and build a better, more stable career that gives back to others.

Walden University Master of Science in Nursing - Education

The medical world is experiencing a shortage of qualified individuals to fill roles, especially in nursing. Nursing is a diverse and rewarding career field that has benefits to the community, as well as personal rewards for the nurse, and with more positions to fill than available nurses, its a solid and secure plan for the future. Nurses are not only caretakers and mediators between physicians and patients, but are also able to perform many different medical functions within a hospital or clinic setting. In order to maintain the current standards of care and increase the knowledge of RNs, LPNs and other nurses, a comprehensive education must be made available to those who wish to move up in the nursing field. Along with general and specialist nurses, nurse educators are in demand to help keep the flow of qualified nurses steady while providing the knowledge and practical skills involved in a nursing degree.

Walden University offers a Master of Science Degree in Nursing – Education for those who wish to pursue a career as a Nurse Educator. Since Nurse Educators create, improve, employ and assess a variety of educational programs and curricula to enhance the professional growth of registered nurses and student nurses, many need the ability to continue to research new skills and treatments with new technology. They are able to teach within a hospital setting, through seminars, workshops or classes at a college or university. Nurse educators are speakers, teachers, and above all else, nurses, with the ability to learn and teach others the standards of nursing as well as integrate new and vital education as it develops. Nurse educators design curricula, document its impact, write grants and even critique and advise students as they make their way through nursing school. They may have administrative duties beyond instruction, and can even serve important roles in the definition of medical policy within hospitals or as legal or political consultants. With the career prospects of Nurse Educators and other RNs considered “excellent” by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and a median salary of $60,000, annually, a career as a Nurse Educator can bring job and personal satisfaction as well as help the community at large.

Most hospitals and academic institutions require a Nurse Educator to hold a Master of Science Degree in Nursing and education. Since many nurses begin their actual nursing careers after receiving their Bachelor’s degree, then go on to attend classes for various specialties while still working within hospitals, clinics or other medical facilities, a MSN degree from Walden University can help facilitate graduate-level career goals. Walden University's Master of Science in Nursing – Education degree helps fit their advanced education around a currently employed nurse's schedule, giving the nurse an ability to work, care for family, and still grow within the nurse’s preferred medical or nursing field.

Attaining a Master of Science in Nursing – Education from Walden University is a big step toward the satisfying future of a Nurse Educator. Nurse Education is a career option that benefits the nurse and the world of medicine, as well as patients and their loved ones. It is an excellent career choice for the nurse who wants to do more than patient care, but also help and educate other nurses in specialties, new techniques or therapies.

Clinical Nurse Leaders on the Rise

Working in a hospital or other medical environment is more than practicing excellent medical care, but also a constant process of evaluating policies and practices that impact quality, safety, cost and many other aspects of medical management. The guidelines in place in these medical establshments are constantly changing due to advances in technology, resesarch, and other administrative concerns, including legal, political and ethical issues. Keeping abreast of these changes and recommending ways to integrate, eliminate or otherwise utilize new information generally falls upon the hospital's administration staff, but it is the medical care providers, such as the Clinical Nurse Leader, that take this information and best apply it to the needs of the patients and their families or loved ones. Clinical Nurse Leaders are responsible for establishing and providing the best patient care, and medical outcomes, possible.

The Clinical Nurse Leader position is the newest role in nursing Presented by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). While CNLs are relatively new in the world of nursing, the services they provide are already seeing results. These results are so outstanding, that the VA has committed to employing three CNLs at each VA facility, a trend that other medical establishments are taking note of. What makes these master's-level nurses so special is their focus on patient outcomes and how to best provide the care and treatments needed, from a preventative medicine standpoint as well as urgent care or other vital medical practices. In a sense, CNLs are efficiency experts when it comes to reducing costs related to outdated patient care.

The educational requirement for a CNL is at the masters level and includes advanced practice courses in clinical assessment, pathophysiology and pharmacology. These nurses not only have attained a position as an RN, but also have met or exceeded the requirements for a Master of Science in Nursing degree. With the growing number of concerns relating to a medical staff's ability to continue to maintain the most modern standards of care and medical treatments within the clinical setting, much of the responsibility of this training has fallen to the Nurse Managers, who are also responsible for managing the staff of a hospital or medical establishment. By creating and filling the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader, Nurse Managers are able to focus on their own speciality within the management of nursing and medical staff, while collaborating with the CNL in order to fully provide the best patient care possible.

Not only are Clinical Nurse Leaders helping hospitals and medical facilities run more efficiently and provide modern and outstanding medical care, but they are also helping to fill a gap in the chain of nurse education that is contributing greatly to the nursing shortage. By employing a Clinical Nurse Leader, the staff of a clinic or other facility not only gains the benefit of a medically-oriented administrator, but also a leader who can interpret and implement the latest medical research and information for a patient's best benefit.