Travel Nurse Careers

One of the greatest aspects to a career in nursing is the variety the career field offers. Nurses can work within just about every aspect of healthcare, from different concentrations based on demographics, illness or disease specialization, medical facilities or even as traveling nurses. A traveling nurse is able to offer services to a wide variety of people, much like a nurse based in a hospital or clinic, but incorporates a personal touch through visiting patients in their homes, as a companion during vacations or through short-term or temporary positions in hospitals and medically-based establishments.

Many times, a Travel Nurse has the ability to visit a wide variety of locations throughout the country and across the world. While working with patients, these nurses not only provide services that can range from education and preventative care to acute care and specialized medicine. Rural nursing can be an especially beneficial specialty for a Travel Nurse, as those within smaller, wide-spread communities may not have the ability to seek medical care regularly. Elderly and pediatric care are also areas of nursing that may require the services of a Travel Nurse, enabling patients to remain in the comfort of home, while still being treated for illnesses and injuries.

Most Travel Nurses are Registered nurses that have completed a nursing school program from a campus-based or online nursing school, and have gained hands-on experience in a hospital, clinic or medical facility. Travel Nurses help fill gaps in healthcare, and can bring new insight and experience into communities that may be experiencing a nursing shortage in terms of specializations, as well as a shortage of nurses overall.

Generally speaking, a Travel Nurse earns more than a nurse based in a hospital or clinical environment. Because of the cost of travel and the contract-basis nature of Travel Nursing, the higher pay compensates for the fluctuations within the career field. Pay rates vary according to the location of the placement, and areas with a higher cost-of-living rate should offer higher wages. For a nurse with a sense of adventure, a career as a Travel Nurse can combine both professional and personal pursuits, allowing for a career that touches the lives of people everywhere.