Accelerated Nursing Programs, Fast Track Nursing Degree Incentives

The national nursing shortage is in full swing, with almost all states reporting a high need for qualified nurses to provide medical care. In response to this demand for nurses, many states, colleges and universities are offering incentives and programs for nursing school students, including discounts on tuition, flexible, online nursing degrees and accelerated nursing programs.

Accelerated nursing programs help those interested in nursing achieve the necessary classroom and/or clinical experience needed to begin a career in nursing at a faster pace. Typically, these students have already obtained a Bachelor’s Degree but in a non-nursing concentration, such as a Bachelor of Arts, and are able to build upon academic and life experience in order to fulfill the remainder of requirements of the accelerated nursing program. For the currently employed Registered Nurse with clinical experience, accelerated RN to BSN programs are available in order to fulfill academic requirements of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

With several options to choose from, accelerated programs can help a nursing school student obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in under two years; "fast track" programs can even decrease that time to 12 – 18 months. The requirements for admission to these programs are strict, as the curriculum and clinical instruction demand students with proven motivation and ability to finish the program. Much of the time, students in accelerated nursing programs are considered non-traditional, or are interested in beginning a second career as a nurse, both of which increase the motivation and determination to excel within the programs and eventual nursing positions.

Eliminating much of the time involved with an entry-level Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, accelerated nursing programs are becoming increasingly popular in hospitals and other medical facilities. Many of these hospitals are partnering with colleges and universities to provide tuition discounts and other incentives for students in exchange for a commitment to work within the sponsoring facility upon graduation.