Military Spouses and Online Nursing Degrees

For those who serve the country in as a member of the military, the determination to protect the safety of our people, land and other interests is always on the forefront. There are few jobs that require such a high level of self-sacrifice and dedication, and the members of the military are proud to provide the skills and expertise required in order to maintain the security of the U.S. These soldiers are supported, especially, by the members of their immediate family.

Spouses and children of military members are given the task of moving through several military bases, frequently changing jobs and schools, finding new friends in a constantly changing environment. For the military spouse, these changes can make it difficult to pursue education or career options, but many online schools and federal programs are helping to make it easier.

For the military spouse that wishes to pursue a career in nursing, many of the programs available for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN to BSN completion program or Advanced Practice Nursing certification are available in online nursing schools. These online degree and certificate programs are flexible, allowing a military spouse to gain essential knowledge as a nursing school student, while offering the ability to learn at a different pace that can accommodate the rigors of living as a military family. Online nursing programs may be taken during any time of the year, and do not rely on a static location in order for the student to receive a quality education. Many online nursing schools also offer reduced tuition rates for military members and spouses, helping to ease the costs related to higher education.

In addition, the Department of Defense has established several ways for military spouses to achieve educational goals. An active duty member of the military may transfer the remainder of a GI Bill to a spouse under specific conditions. For spouses of retired soldiers, The Department of Veterans’ Affairs provides up to 45 months of benefits that help cover the cost of on-the-job training, degree or certificate programs or correspondence courses. Each branch of the military also provides grants to help with education-related expenses for spouses of active duty military members.

For the military spouse, the sacrifices made in order to support the soldiers and military are as necessary as those required by the soldiers themselves. Keeping a family strong and stable in the face of recurring moves or an active duty soldier’s overseas deployment can be a struggle, almost eliminating the opportunity for the military spouse to achieve any career goals. With the flexibility of online nursing schools and the programs developed through the Department of Defense, military spouses have more options than ever to help start a new career or continue to expand a current career in nursing.