University of Phoenix Nurse Educator Degree Program

The demand for Nurse Educators is increasing as the population ages. Nurse educators are needed to fill the roles of those who have retired, as well as meet the demand for new nurse educators who can bring the latest medical advancements into a classroom or other educational setting and arm the nurses of the future with the best information possible.

University of Phoenix offers a Master of Science in Nursing/Nursing and Health Care Education to prospective students who have already obtained a RN and wish to continue professional and educational goals in order to become a Nurse Educator.

Nurse educators help develop nursing curriculum within a broad range of settings, from colleges and universities to hospitals, and can also work as consultants for a variety of medically-oriented companies. These specialized nurses mentor and teach students the different aspects of nursing, administrative concerns, care plan development and general nursing education. The American Nursing Association has even approached Congress in an attempt to help recruit more nurses to become educators, helping to reach the demand for qualified instructors, putting more nurses to work and avoiding the nursing shortage the U.S. is facing.

The Master of Science in Nursing/Nursing and Health Care Education from University of Phoenix can be completed online, helping currently employed nurses maintain current job and career obligations while still achieving educational goals. The program includes theoretical foundations of practice, population-focused health care, financial resource management and other graduate-level courses that help educate and prepare nurses for a Nurse Educator role.

Nurse Education is considered to be an "advanced practice specialty," and will continue to maintain an excellent career growth perspective over the next decade. Nurse educators can expect to make an average of $55,000 - $78,000 annual salary, depending on employment location. For those who wish to become nurse educators, there has never been a better time to pursue these specialized educational and career goals. The Master of Science in Nursing/Nursing and Health Care Education from University of Phoenix is a convenient program that opens up the door to personal and career satisfaction.