Grand Canyon University Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

Nursing is a stimulating and diverse career path on which people make a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis. For the Registered Nurse with an Associate Degree in Science, the opportunity to shift into a broader range of specialties or jobs when after achieving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is remarkable. Careers in nursing are as varied as the people who seek to obtain a place in the medical profession.

Time and opportunity can eliminate a nurse’s ability to further any educational goals, especially considering job and family obligations. In light of the need for nurses to further advanced career goals, while still maintaining any existing job requirements, Grand Canyon University offers a RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Degree Completion program  to help assist current nurses obtain an advanced level of nursing education. This program enables students to pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree online, working around schedules and other real-world concerns for the hard working nursing professional.  

An abundance of challenging and exciting nursing positions and specialties are available to those who possess a BSN, including critical and emergency room care, oncology, pulmonary care, geriatrics, pediatrics and obstetrics, mental health care, among other nursing career fields. Nurses with a BSN can work in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes or other medical establishments. lists the average salary for those who possess a Bachelor of Science degree as around $66,000 anually. With the high demand for nurses, especially as Baby Boomer nurses begin to retire in larger numbers, careers in nursing are opening up across the country and looking for qualified people to fill the positions available. More people are trying to stop illnesses and disease from occurring with regular, preventative medical checkups instead of curative care after an illness is diagnosed. These circumstances, and others, are continuing to contribute to the nursing shortage, making a nursing career one of the best options in terms of salary, job stability and career advancement.

After achieving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a current nurse or nursing student about to graduate will be able to open up new opportunities in career specialties or advanced nursing positions. Grand Canyon University’s RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Degree Completion aids nurses increase education and vocation opportunities by offering this program online. With the opportunities available to those who possess a BSN, and the flexibility of online classes, the pursuit of a higher education and specialist nursing position is definitely within reach.