Chamberlain College Bachelor of Science in Nursing Fast-Track RN to BSN

Careers in nursing are as varied as the people who seek to obtain a place in the medical world. From specialties to education levels, the world of nursing is an exciting and diverse place in which to make a difference in the lives of others. For those who are already working as a nurse with an Associates Degree in Science as an LPN have the opportunity to move into a broader range of specialties or jobs when they attain their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

As many nurses know, the time demands while working as a nurse do not allow for much beyond their jobs and family obligations. Chamberlain College offers a Fast-Track RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Degree Completion program to help assist current nurses obtain a higher level of education. This program enables students to receive their BSN degree in three semesters, shortening the time involved with online classes and clinical experience and giving students a faster route to a new, higher-paying career. lists the average salary for those who possess a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at around $66,000 annually. Many different nursing positions and specialties are available to those who possess a BSN, including mental health care, critical and emergency room care, oncology, pulmonary care, geriatrics, pediatrics and obstrectrics, among other nursing career fields. Nurses with a BSN can work in a hospital, medical clinics, nursing homes or other medical establishments. The aging of the Baby Boomer population is creating an even greater demand for nurses, especially as the Boomer nurses begin to retire, plus medical care is shifting from curative care to preventative care, as people try to stop illnesses and disease from occurring with regular medical checkups instead of seeing a medical professional after an illness is diagnosed. Careers in nursing are opening up across the country and looking for qualified people to fill the positions available.

Through online nursing programs, a graduate with a BSN can open up new doors in terms of their career specialties. The Fast-Track RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Degree Completion from Chamberlain College of Nursing helps nurses increase their education and career opportunities by offering its program online, helping enable those currently working as nurses or within the medical field achieve their BSN in three semesters. With the opportunities available to those who possess a BSN, and the flexibility of online classes, the pursuit of a higher education and specialist nursing position is definitely within reach.