Camp Nurses and Nursing Camps

camping nurses nursing campCanoeing, swimming, campfires and communing with nature. Sometimes, the memories of fun times at summer camp can be motivating factor in a nurse’s career when they forego the hospital or other medical establishment for cabins and crafting, and tending to the injuries that can only happen in the woods in summer.

Camping nurses get to experience their love of the outdoors and help keep children safe and well during their time at summer camp. Some nurses choose to spend their summers under the stars as a way to decompress from the stress of their regular nursing job, while others enjoy the ability to care for children and enrich their camping experiences. Many camp nurses accompany their own children as they experience all of the wonders of nature and camping. They fill the role of medical professional, assuring all campers receive medication and first-aid, when needed. Camp nurses also care for ill campers, keep medical records updated and help keep the staff healthy and all extraneous medical facilities informed about the children attending camp. Camp nurses are usually required to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and practical experience with children is also desired.

Camps are not always held outside, in the woods and full of rustic activities. Another option for the nurse (or those considering nursing as a career) is attending a nursing camp as a high school student. For those students who are ready to get practical experience in nursing before starting a college-level nursing program, nursing camps can give them the actual experience of a nursing career, plus the educational environment of a nursing school. Students may shadow nurses as they go about their daily duties, and can even be considered for scholarships and other programs based upon their performance. In light of the nursing shortage, many hospitals and medical facilities are turning to younger students in order to increase their interest in nursing and potentially help bring more qualified nurses into the medical world.

Thinking of camps can bring back memories of roasting marshmallows or spending the day in the sun. For Camp Nurses, the joy and fun of summer camp can add to career satisfaction, especially for nurses in the more stressful specialties. Camps are also reaching out to young adults who may be curious about a career in nursing, but are unsure if a bachelor’s degree in nursing is the right step to take. Both camps help inspire the careers of nurses, giving them a chance to be part of a short-term experience with unending rewards.