Breast Cancer linked to Ovarian Cancer Genetic Factor

There are many women’s health issues making headlines as researchers continue to look at the unique physiology and chemical makeup of women and develop techniques for diagnosis and treatment. While heart disease remains the number one health concern for women and men, there are many other health issues faced by women that cannot be ignored.

breast cancer mammogramA genetic predisposition to ovarian cancer, the fifth most common cancer among women, has recently been discovered by researchers, giving the medical world the ability to diagnose and treat women who may be prone to the disease in its early stages, when it is most effective. These same genetic factors may also be linked to breast cancer, a disease that is best known for its detection through regular mammograms. Nurses and medical professionals can best use these recent discoveries to both treat and diagnose these diseases early, giving patients a better chance at survival and recovery. When it comes to illnesses such as cancer, the best prognosis depends on early detection and treatment, as well as healthy living and eating habits.

Women’s health concerns are increasingly being given the time and research needed in order to help fight fatal illnesses and disorders. As research continues into the genetics of humans and more information is provided, the fear of these health concerns is decreasing with the knowledge and application of effective diagnosis and treatment options.