Nursing & Music Therapy

Do you love music? Have you considered its benefits for the patients you encounter in nursing homes or during home health visits?

Music therapy is a continually evolving specialty that is showing improvements in patients with autism, Alzheimer’s and many other medical issues.One way Geriatric nurses can help provide pain and anxiety relief is simply by playing music for their patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia or chronic illness. Studies show that music can help with memory issues and help calm patients. It has been called the “Mozart Effect,” and the improvements seen with patients can be remarkable. While a patient may not be remember a family member’s name, they may be able to recall a song from their childhood or an event tied to their favorite song. Beyond that, music is well known for its ability to change the mood of people depending on what is played. When caring for elderly patients with limited cognative ability, music can help bring them a sense of peace and joy that benefits everyone around them.

As a nurse, having a non-invasive tool at your disposal that helps your patients feel better and increase cognitive function and communication can be priceless. Since music has been shown to help increase memory and lower anxiety levels in patients. Geriatric nurses can use music in nursing homes, at a patient’s home and even in a hospital setting. Using music as a way to reach patients, calm them and help with memory is one way nurses can help patients live happier and healthier lives.