Nurses and New Technology

Technology is no stranger to nurses and medical professionals. The amount of knowledge needed to operate basic machines that produce health statistics has become standard in medical training. From online nursing schools to tools used in the operating room, technology has become an important part of a nurse’s career and has helped increase the need for people in Health Information Management.

telehealthElectronic health records (EHRs) help keep medical information in one place. Charts, lab reports and other paperwork can be stored in these devices, giving nurses instant information about their patients. Such readily accessable information helps doctors, nurses and other caregivers provide better medical care to patients. Smart phones can help locate nurses and other medical professionals, rapidly communicate test results and help with other hospital or care center communication. In a hospital situation, being able to find the right person or send information rapidly can certainly increase the quality of care given to patients. Telehealth devices, already in use by the Department of Veterans Affairs, can help monitor patient's health and well-being from a distance or even in their own homes, giving patients the freedom to go about their normal lives while still under medical care. With telehealth devices, medical staff can help keep track of vital statistics, medication effects and many other medical needs that don’t require hospitalization.

Keeping up with technology, plus patients’ needs and new treatments can be overwhelming for a person in a position of caring for others. The tools that are being used in hospitals require training and knowledge to use them to their best advantages. It’s these same tools that require such training that can help a nurse significantly with patient care. As technology dictates, there will be a need for more people to fill positions in Health Information Management who can help keep record and give instruction to medical professionals who use these devices.