Choosing a Nursing Specialty

It is common for nursing students to wonder what nursing specialty will be best for them upon completion of nursing school. While learning different aspects of nursing through clinicals and labs, it can be hard to narrow down choices when it comes to which area to specialize in. Nursing specialties can range from Nurse Anesthetist to Certified Nurse Midwife or Forensic Nursing to Nurse Practitioner or anywhere in between. If top pay is an issue, there are job boards that routinely report on salary ranges for specialized nurses. Specializing in one nursing area helps determine location, hours, salary and the amount of further study involved.

nursing specialtiesOne way to narrow down choices is to talk to other nurses and find out the good and bad aspects of their specialties. A nursing school student may already have a few ideas about the areas in which they may specialize based on their interests and the talents that may emerge as they continue to evolve through their nursing program. Researching each specialty is important and there is a great deal of resources about specialized nursing online, especially in the interactive nursing communities. There are quizzes that help point nursing students toward a specialty or bring some clarity to what they want out of their own career, as well as their strengths in the medical field.

Choosing a nursing specialty is an important part of many nurses’ careers. It can make a big difference in a nurse’s professional and personal outlook, career satisfaction and ultimately, in job performance.