Beating Test Anxiety in Nursing School

Test anxiety is a common issue among all students, whether in elementary school, high school, college or in specialized programs for nursing. There are simple ways to prepare you for tests in nursing school, making the day of the test less nerve-wracking and more of a chance to shine.

Organization is a key to battling test anxiety. If you know what is due and when, you will be better able to meet deadlines. Checking your syllabus at the last minute will work against you. Note all important dates as soon as you receive an assignment or test date and prepare for that test as soon as possible. Use your notes, flash cards, partner with someone or form a study group. Find out what the format of the exam and what it will cover. Try to review past quizzes and any notes or summaries in the chapters of your book.

The night before the test, try to get some rest and eat. Call up a friend or family member for a self-confidence boost or simply be your own cheerleader. Focus on the good feeling you get after turning in a test that you know you aced, not the test itself. Convince yourself that you are studying to be the greatest nurse on the planet, and walk into that room with confidence and self-respect.

Test anxiety is little more than a lack of confidence in you. Believe you will succeed, give yourself the time and tools to be successful and your anxiety will melt away.

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